Nothing is more important of the lasting beauty, safety, and functionality of any building than a strong and solid roof. And nothing gives a roof the ability to last longer than using roofing supplies made from superior materials meant to stand the test of weather and of time.

That’s why we focus on making only the highest quality roofing supplies, including roof sheeting, fascia, gutters, and custom products, available to all of our clients throughout the Queensland area.

Protecting your buildings with the best in building materials.

Whether you are an individual property owner wanting to protect your residential investment, or a business in need of commercial and industrial applications, we can help. Queensland Sheet Metal carries an extensive range of products suitable for residential and commercial including roof sheeting, rainwater products, fascia, gutter and made to order specialist steel products. Our innovative team of Queensland roofing material specialists is dedicated to providing superior roofing materials and related products at a value-for-money cost to clients of all types.

Providing fast, reliable service for every customer.

At Queensland Sheet Metal and Roofing Supplies, we’ve made it our goal to provide fast, reliable and friendly services to each and every customer that we work with. When you’ve been in the sheet metal and roofing materials business as long as we have, you learn just how important it is to help clients feel confident and comfortable with the products and the services they are getting. After all, your roof protects your home or property and you wouldn’t trust something that important to just anyone.

Skilled tradesmen are the backbone of our company.

In a world that is becoming increasingly cluttered with disposable and poorly made products, isn’t it nice to know that there are still tradesmen at work making quality, long-lasting roofing materials? Queensland Sheet Metal and Roofing Supplies has a team of highly skilled tradesmen who are able to manufacture and fulfil any requirement you may have, whether it be a product or one of our specialist items. Our expert tradesmen make it possible for us to offer roofing supplies to our customers at competitive prices, making us a leader in the Queensland roofing supplies business.