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Architectural Cladding In Brisbane

Queensland Sheet Metal is your local source for the latest architectural cladding in Brisbane. We have an excellent range of the latest generation cladding to make your exterior look like a designer’s dream.

Select from the Pinnacle Range

Our new cladding is ideal for a wide range of architectural uses, from new builds to upgrades and renovations. If you’re trying to find the perfect match of style and colour for top-quality exterior presentation, we have exactly what you need.

This new generation of durable, highly functional cladding is being called “The Next Big Thing” by expert designers and architects around the world. These very versatile, stylish materials are ideal for all types of architectural uses.

The new cladding is incorporated into designs for everything from shop fit outs to wall cladding and more. Metal wall cladding is very popular worldwide, and used in many different design contexts. At Queensland Sheet Metal, we have designed a number of standard profiles for you to use, but we’re happy to work with our customers to achieve a bespoke look.

The Pinnacle Range offers a selection of options for style and appearance, including sleek stylish panels and patterned designs. This ultra-modern look is becoming very popular with new properties, delivering an excellent array of choices to display individuality.



The Ravine design has flat, long pans, and deep, thin ribs. Visually, it makes a bold statement; durable, but elegant. No matter what architectural style this cladding is matched with, it will complement the overall look of a property. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of colours.


With Horizon cladding, the sky is the limit. It is one of our favourite cladding types. It has a beautiful, sleek look, and can be installed in a variety of different ways.


Cladding in the Alpine style attracts the eye with a smooth, flawless look. The broad, flat pans, coupled with small and slender ribs, look great as cladding either as modern roofing, or a wall. With two different fixing systems on offer, both modes are fantastic exterior cladding options.

Ask Queensland Sheet Metal about the Latest Architectural Cladding in Brisbane

For more information, call Queensland Sheet Metal on (07) 3267 1010 to speak to our cladding experts about your needs. We’ll be happy to provide any guidance and technical advice you need. Trade enquiries are welcome.