We manufacture metal fascia and different types of guttering to suit any application. All of our fascia and gutters are available in Colorbond® Steel, Zincalume® and galvanised steel.

metal fascia


Metal fascia are the best rainwater goods for long life and low maintenance. We stock Colorbond and Zincalume fascia, ideal for the toughest jobs.

Top view of black gutter with steel coating


We provide 150 Quad Gutters in a wide range of options including Colorbond® guttering and a range of different sizes. Ask us about what’s right for your job.

top view of steel gutter


Browse our Colorbond®, Zincalume®, and galvanised 175 Quad Gutter range for top quality solutions.


The High Front quad gutter range offers practical solutions for added capacity and good presentation. Available in Colorbond® steel, Zincalume® and galvanised.

Black steel coated 125 square line gutter


Our Colorbond® and Zincalume® square-line gutters are the professional’s choice for good performance and onsite presentation. They’re great for managing overflow and they provide toughness to rainwater systems.

Black steel coated 115 Square Line Gutter


The 115 Square-line range offers concealment and excellent high front coverage. Ask us about the best choice for your rainwater systems and your property.

Side view of steel coated half round gutter


This is a very attractive, curved style gutter that is a good option for managing flow. Available in the full range of Colorbond® steel colours.

Flat back gutters from Queensland sheet metal


Flat Back Gutter is the traditional type of guttering that suits any style building and blends in for subtle functionality.

Different sizes of steel coated big half round gutter


The Big Half Round Gutter is attractive and low maintenance, with no corners to trap leaves, twigs and debris.

Simple modern-looking eaves gutter


When you need simple modern-looking guttering that conceals the lower edge of the roofline, then this is your best choice.

Low Front Commerciqal Eaves Gutter


The Low Front Commercial Eaves Gutter is an economical and multipurpose gutter for domestic and commercial buildings.

Versatile old gothic gutter for heavy downpour of water


Versatile Old Gothic (OG) Gutters look great on any buildings, modern and more traditional styles.

Complete Colorbond® Steel Guttering Supplies in Brisbane

If you’re looking to secure the structural integrity of your roof and home in Brisbane then come to the team at Queensland Sheet Metal.

We combine our great manufacturing process with Bluescope Steel’s Colorbond® steelrange, to secure the structure of your property.

Why Choose Our Fascia?

Whether it’s for your new roof or for roofing repairs and maintenance, Queensland Sheet Metal have you covered with their Colorbond® Steel Fascia. Metal fascia is used as a base for attaching gutters, and creating an edge between the roofing and wall surface, while also covering the fittings in your building’s structure. It offers protection and a nice crisp finish.

Why Choose Our Gutters?

Gutters can take quite a beating in the unpredictable Australian climate and this is no different in Brisbane. Heavy rain, unrelenting sun, and high-winds can run your gutters ragged and no one understands this better than families and businesses that are affected by adverse weather conditions.

At Queensland Sheet Metal our gutters are built to last. We produce the entire spectrum of parts and components for your gutters, made from high-quality steel. Our tradesmen have decades of experience in crafting high-quality, durable parts with precision engineering.

Our Full Selection of Gutters

Queensland Sheet Metal has a great variety of gutters to fit the style and needs of homes all around Brisbane. All of our gutters are available in many different colours to match the look and feel of your house and your neighbourhood.

Ask one of our friendly customer service representatives for a colour palette when you visit our Brisbane location.

Some of our different gutter styles and sizes include:

150 Quad – one of the most popular options in guttering

175 Quad – your heavy-duty alternative to cope with higher volume

150 High Front Quad– greater water carrying capacity with a modern look

115 Squareline – economical square gutter with a clean appearance

125 Squareline – a neat and tough gutter with great rain carrying capacity

Half Round – a traditional Spanish style gutter with great water carrying capabilities

OG – a traditional colonial gutter, great for traditional and modern homes

Our Handy Guide to Gutters

Our manufacturing in Brisbane aims to make finding the right product easier for you. If you want to get the facts you need about your gutters quickly, then check out our guide to gutters for your roof. This page will outline the great benefits of all of our gutters and guide you towards guttering supplies that are great for all types of Australian environments.

Once you’ve had an overview you can access the individual product pages to have a closer look at our great range.

Gutter Accessories

The gutters on your Brisbane home can work even better with our wide range of gutter accessories. Different accessories are suitable for different styles of gutters so be sure to explore the gutters on the list above and find the accessories that suit your purchase. Our range of accessories include:

  • Brackets
  • Straps
  • Corner angles (internal and external)

Check out the individual gutter pages for specific gutter accessories for your product!

Our team of roofing and gutter specialists will gladly assist you in finding the right type and size of gutters at the very best price. Contact us today or call 07 3267 1010.