We have roofing insulation for any job; from blanket insulation to whirlybirds and everything in between. If you need advice on what insulation you require, talk to our team.

Blanket insulation


Blanket insulation is a very popular, easy-to-install form of roofing insulation. It includes Thermofoil and strongly constructed glass fibre blankets for long life and excellent insulation.

Safety mesh


Safety mesh is an excellent roofing solution, providing safe support for working on the roof, supporting the weight of both people and tools.

Sissalation paper protects roofing


Sissalation paper is used as an internal layer of protection against dust, condensation and dirt. Using Sissalation paper can dramatically improve the thermal performance of your roof.



SolAirForce is an advanced insulation used to manage and minimise heat transfer in the roof. This long-life product is a good option for premises experiencing regular extreme heat.

Wall batts


Our wall batts are a great roofing solution for insulation and fire protection. They are far superior to traditional batts in performance and product life.

Whirlybirds - roof ventilation


Iconic among roofing supplies, whirlybirds ensure proper ventilation and circulation in the roof space. They help prevent mould and mildew and improve air quality.

Roof Insulation

Queensland Sheet Metal and Roofing Supplies Pty Ltd offers the complete package for roofing, including insulation. Roof insulation is an absolutely vital addition to any home or business. Insulation has numerous benefits and advantages.

Even more enticing, the Queensland government has programs to make it easier for homeowners to add insulation to their roof. Check with Queensland Sheet Metal today for more information on whether you qualify for government rebates.

Our different types of insulation and insulation products include:

Advantages of Roof Insulation

Here are some of the many benefits of installing insulation in your home or your business:

Thermal Insulation

Insulation’s primary purpose is to preserve a comfortable temperature in the home and reduce energy costs. In the summer, insulation will help keep the hot air out of your home, keeping it cool for less cost. In the winter, insulation will keep the hot air in and the cold air out.

Noise Reduction

Insulation also dampens and absorbs noise from the other side of the insulated feature. Insulation can be added to the roof crawlspace as well as the walls. The noise reduction applies for exterior, ambient noise, such as traffic or barking dogs, as well as interior noise from room to room.

Environmentally Friendly

With the reduced energy consumption required to keep your home or business a comfortable temperature year round, those savings also equate to a reduced carbon footprint. Insulating your home reduces your impact on the environment and the greenhouse effect.

Condensation Prevention

Metal roofs will generate moisture on the inside surface unless there is insulation. This happens when surface temperature of the metal roofing sheets is at or below the dew point of the air. Condensation can damage your metal sheets and the interior of your crawlspace.

The team at Queensland Sheet Metal are the experts for all things roofing. To find out more about our metal roofing contact us today.