Queensland Sheet Metal can help you with installation, technical advice, and all the help you need for your metal roofing, guttering, and rainwater systems.

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We have a range of helpful guides, technical information, and product information to help you through the entire installation process and ongoing maintenance.

Regardless of the installation and maintenance information you require, we have plenty of useful tips and advice. Whether you need information about rainwater systems, help with the installation of metal roofing, window hoods or guttering, check out our website and ask us for any professional guidance and assistance you want.

Below is our list and links to information about installation, maintenance, and product handling tips. This list will help you find information you need, and assist with product selection and maintenance. If you can’t find the information you need here, just give us a call and speak to our friendly experts or chat with us online.

This information includes advice regarding incompatible metals, rooftop safety, handling roofing materials, and insulation. Please read this information carefully. Ask us if you need help with steel selection and use.

Most pages on our site provide technical details and specifications for our products. It is strongly recommended to check technical details to ensure that you’re getting the right products for your needs.

Steel maintenance is a money saver, and a good best practice approach to managing metal roofing, guttering, and other metal products. Our steel maintenance information will help you preserve and protect your property.

Our roofing installation guide is an easy to understand general guide for installation. Please note that roofing installation requirements may vary. Queensland Sheet Metal can provide any assistance you need upon request.

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