Our metal roof supplies and walling products are ideal for residential and commercial applications. We offer an array of different profiles in Colorbond® Steel, Zincalume®, and galvanised steel.

Grey color corrugated roofing sheets


Corrugated roofing sheets are famous for their long life, reliability and adaptability to any kind of roofing project. See our range of colours and ask us about prices.

Grey color curving quality roofing sheets


Curving quality roofing sheets are stylish and suited to a range of environments. Our range comes with all the colours you need and exceptional design options.

Grey color Colorbond five rib roofing sheets


Five Rib is an all-around solution for roofing and walling. Available in the full range of Colorbond® steel colours. Speak to our experts about metal roofing supplies.

Grey color mini corrugated roofing sheet


Mini corrugated sheeting is used for a range of roofing and walling solutions. Its smaller corrugated profile makes it a popular choice for decorative design choices in homes.

Grey color mini rib roofing sheet


Mini Rib has small flat ribs and used for a variety of applications. Our range includes all our standard colour choices for interior and exterior use.


Our Quiklok 700 roofing is available in a great range of Colorbond® steel colours as well as Zincalume®. Choose from neutral tones, traditional greens, and more.

Grey color span roofing with square corrugations


Span roofing, with its square corrugations, is a good design choice in context with many traditional and modern homes.

Horizon Interlocking Panel


Architectural cladding is the perfect solution for modern wall cladding on a range of different applications.

Metal Roofing for All Seasons

Metal roofing one of the most popular roofing choices for families all throughout Queensland and beyond. In the last ten years alone the amount of home and businesses with metal based roofs has increased an incredible four fold.

Metal roofs are a great option for residential and commercial properties and have unique benefits that traditional roofing materials cannot match. Not only do they provide durability and superior protection, but they can also make your roof stand out among the crowd.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have an average lifespan of more than 50 years with little or no repairs or maintenance required. This saves you time and money and provides peace of mind for years after installation.

Metal roofs are made to last in a range of weather conditions – from torrential rain to intense Queensland heat – and they help to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home. Homes are kept cooler in summer and warmer in winter, meaning less discomfort and a great deal of savings in energy bills.

A Great Range of Different Styles

We are able to draw on our huge pool of resources to create all different kinds of designs and styles for your roof. Some of our styles and features include:

Curved Designs Available

The team at Queensland Sheet Metal can construct curved roofing for any home or business. Through a process called “bull nosing” we are able to mould the metal material into a curved structure to fit the curved shape of many modern dwellings. Our friendly and expert team would love to design your new curved roof.

The team at Queensland Sheet Metal are the experts for all things roofing. To find out more about our metal roofing contact us today.