Warranties are your guarantees of product quality. It’s important to have a good warranty to cover potential problems and protect your rights. It’s also a good idea to check out your warranty options and be sure you understand exactly what is covered by your warranty.

As a homeowner, you need to know what your warranty covers for building products and materials. As a professional service or trade provider, you naturally need good warranty cover for any business purchases.

What Warranties Are Available?

Find out about the different BlueScope warranties that are available and the information that you require before you apply. The warranty estimator tool on the BlueScope website will make it nice and easy to understand what warranties you are eligible for.

Click here for the homeowner warranty estimator tool.

Click here for the professional warranty estimator tool.

Before You Begin the Application

Before initiating the application process you should see the checklist for your BlueScope products. You can print the list or email it to your builder if you need to clarify anything.

Click here for the homeowner checklist.

Click here for the professional checklist.

Register to Apply for a Warranty

You will need to register to apply for a warranty through the registration page on the website. This page will also allow you to submit pre-approved warranties, which will help with material selection and design considerations for future products.

Maintenance and Caring for Your Investment

It is very important to take care of your home or building and upkeep maintenance to ensure its longevity and maintain the property value. A small amount of upkeep can help to prevent costly repairs in the future. See our steel maintenance guide or speak with an expert.

Claiming against Your Warranty

If you are looking to make a claim against your warranty, get in contact with the BlueScope Warranties team and they will help assist with your matter.

Need to Know More about Warranties? Call Us!

Queensland Sheet Metal is the go-to store for all your roofing products in Brisbane. For more information about warranties, just call Queensland Sheet Metal and ask our experts for any help or guidance you need with product warranty issues.