In this article, we will explore a variety of ways in which you can transform an attic into something bigger and better than just a storage space with cobwebs and spiders.


The first step you need to take is to consider dimensions, and from there, purpose. In order to be habitable, your attic must have a head height of at least 2.4m in over 60% of the floorspace.

If your attic reaches these dimensions, it can be transformed into a living space, bedroom or extra study room. If it does not reach these dimensions, it can still be remodelled into a better functioning storage space.

When considering dimensions, you should also pay attention to the slope of your roof, as this can impact the type of space you will create.


After checking the dimensions, the next step you will need to take is to gain approval from the relevant council bodies in order to clear and remodel the space.

It may help to approach a building company specialising in roof conversions and discuss the idea with them, as rules and regulations differ from state to state.

Work Needed

Whether you are creating a new living space or redoing it for storage, you should keep in mind the bare minimum amount of work that will be needed:

  • Insulation: Attics can get the extremes of both temperatures without proper insulation.
  • Ventilation
  • Instalment of light fixings and windows
  • Electricals: Lighting and power points rely on these.
  • Flooring: After all, furniture weighs more than boxes!
  • A staircase, ladder or other entry point

These are just at the very least. Some attics will need more work done.


Keeping these factors in mind, create a plan.

  • How are you going to use the space? A bedroom, study room, home business storage centre, kid’s room, or extra living room?
  • What sort of lighting would you prefer? Natural, through a skylight, windows, or modern lighting? You may choose all three.
  • What type of entrance point would you like? If fixed stairs don’t seem appealing, a retractable ladder may work.

Decoration Ideas

Once you have a plan and an idea in place, consider decoration ideas.

For example, what sort of colours will you be using? It is generally said that dark colours should be avoided for attics, as they can make the space seem small and cramped.

If you are creating a storage space, consider what sort of storage will suit you better. Either way – a shelving system is likely to be more effective than simply leaving old boxes and belongings in the attic.



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