It’s important to make the right choice when choosing the material for your new roof. You want to protect your loved ones are safe, so it’s vital that you consider sturdiness, durability and longevity when evaluating roofing options. That, however, is just the beginning. What about eco-friendliness, heat loss, resistance to the heat, and how the surface stands up to moss and algae? For many Queenslanders, those are important factors as well. To simplify things, we’ve put together this list comparing and contrasting metal roofs with asphalt shingles.


Asphalt shingles are fairly flimsy when compared to a metal panel. Metal roofing has been tested for severe weather events, like harsh wind, heavy rain, hail, and falling debris. When the weather’s rough, a metal roof will stand up better and have a better chance of keeping your home, contents and family safe.

Additionally, the cost of maintaining a metal roof can be lower. While it is easy to replace damaged shingles on an asphalt roof, you’re less likely to have to make repairs in the first place with a more durable metal material.


A metal roof will typically last longer than asphalt shingles before a replacement is needed. In the best of circumstances, an asphalt roof will last twenty years before it needs to be replaced. However, a metal roof will typically last 2-3 times longer than the asphalt equivalent. This means that over the lifetime of a house, a metal roof is more cost effective.


Shingles absorb and retain more heat than metal roofing. That can be great in a frosty alpine climate, but it’s not so great in the humid Queensland conditions. With a metal roof, you won’t need to blast the air con quite so much to get the same results as you would with shingles. That means a metal roof will end up being better for the environment and help to keep your power bills down, too.


Metal is one of the easiest surfaces to clean. If you’re looking to keep your home pristine and banish mould, moss and algae from the roofing, a metal roof is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

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