Queensland Sheet Metal Blanket is a lightweight, laminate faced insulation blanket specifically designed to provide a combination of acoustic, thermal and condensation control under metal roofs or concrete soffits in residential and commercial buildings.

It consists of a bulk insulation blanket adhered to reinforced, reflective Thermofoil facing. The bulk insulation blanket is manufactured by spinning molten glass, containing up to 65% recycled content, into fine wool like fibres. These are bonded together using a thermosetting resin. The Thermofoil facing typically extends 150mm beyond one longitudinal edge of the blanket to provide an overlap for sealing the blankets.


Queensland Sheet Metal Blanket is designed to provide efficient acoustic and thermal insulation as well as condensation control under metal deck, fibre cement and concrete roofs in residential or commercial applications. Typical applications include the following:

  • Residential and commercial metal clad roofs
  • Under concrete slabs/soffits in roofs, car parks etc
  • Commercial and industrial fibre cement roofs egs. offices, shopping centres, warehouses.

Queensland Sheet Metal Blanket is designed to reduce rain and aircraft noise and can be also substantially reduce reverberant noise within the building.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) – The insulation blanket is ideally suited to sealing ember entry points at ridges, valleys and fascia whilst the available facings comply with the BCA flammability index requirement of less than or equal to 5.

Health & Safety

This product is manufactured to the latest Fibre Bio-Soluble (FBS-1) Glasswool formulation and is not classified as hazardous according to the criteria of the ASCC (formally NOHSC) guidelines.

Benefits of Blanket

  • Acoustic insulation: reduces unwanted airborne noises and reduces the impact sound of rain noise
  • Thermal insulation: good thermal performance
  • Condensation control: reduces the risk of condensation occurrence under metal roofs
  • Available in a range of thicknesses to meet BCA energy efficiency standards
  • Can be stored externally in water resistant packaging
  • Can be custom cut to required length to reduce waste and installation time
  • Made from a bio-soluble formulation
  • Manufactured in Australia

Foil Fasteners for Fixing

Foil Fasteners

Queensland Sheet Metal Foil Fasteners provide a quick and easy solution for fixing foil products to timber structures. They provide a more secure hold than staples and clouts, reduces tearing and are easy to attach to hardwood or pine. They have four pins and are 25mm in diameter.

Additional Information

  • Always ensure that the insulation can recover to its design thickness by using spacer systems
  • For optimum thermal performance the bright side of the Thermofoil is positioned in a downward direction adjacent to a still air space
  • Applications must be sealed against the ingress of water and prevent the passage of water through joints or penetrations
  • Foil repairs and penetrations must be treated with foil or Thermoplast tape
  • Consult Queensland Sheet Metal for high humidity applications requiring additional precautions
Product Base Blanket R-value Nominal Dimensions Nominal Coverage/Roll (m2) Approximate Pack Weight (kg)1
Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m)
Blanket 60 R1.3 60 1200 15 18 14.3
Blanket 60 R1.3 60 1200 20 24 19.1
Blanket  60 R1.3 60 1400 15 21 17.0
Blanket 70 R1.4 70 1200 15 18 15.1
Blanket 80 R1.8 80 1200 15 18 19.2
Blanket 100 R2.3 100 1200 10 12 16.0
Blanket 100 HP R2.5 100 1200 10 12 19.9
Blanket 110 R2.5 110 1200 10 12 17.0
Blanket 120 R2.6 120 1200 10 12 18.0
Blanket 125 R2.8 125 1200 10 12 18.7
Blanket 130 R3.0 130 1200 10 12 25.2
Blanket 140 R3.3 140 1200 7.5 9 18.9
Blanket 145 R3.6 145 1200 7.5 9 22.6

Physical Properties

Maximum Service   Glasswood: 350°C; Reflective foil: 70°C
Fire Hazard Properties When tested in accordance to AS/NZS 1530.3:1999 Ignitability:0
Spread of flame:0
Heat evolved:0
Smoke developed:1
Corrosion Resistance When tested in accordance to BS3958.5:1969 pH
Incapable to corrode steel
Moisture Absorption When left in a controlled atmosphere for 50°C and 95% relative humidity for four days Less than 0.2% by volume
Thermal Compliance AS/NZS4859.1 Complies
Flammability Index AS 1530.2 The thermofoil range of facing laminates have a flammability index rating of  ?5 (low)
Sample Specification The insulation shall be blanket (select one of the following: 60, 80, 100, 100HP, 110, 120, 125, 130, 140, 145) that is thermally rate to AS/NZS4859.1 faces with (specify foil facing duty classification <LD, MD, HD>, specify exposed side finish <black/reflective>) laminate surface.

Sound Absorption

Product Thickness Frequency (Hz)
(mm) 125 150 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
Blanket 130 Thermofoil LD 130 0.60 1.00 1.00 0.70 0.40 0.25 0.85

Tested in a reverberation chamber in accordance with AS ISO354-2006 / MRC calculated in accordance with ASTM C423-90A.

Estimated Acoustic Performance

Roof Profile No Insulation (dB) Blanket 55 (dB) Blanket 100 HP (dB) Blanket 145 (dB)
Five Rib 69 63 59 54
Conceal Fix 67 61 57 52
Span Roofing 73 68 64 58
Corrugated 75 70 65 60

Note: A. Calculations are based upon a roof area of 10m² with a roof sheet BMT of 0.48mm with no ceiling. B. The insulation is allowed to receover to its design thickness – use spacers as required. C. The insulation is sandwiched directly between the underside of the metal roof sheet and the  building roof structure. D. Data is based upon ‘intense’ rainfall – additional information is available for other rainfall categories. E. The estimates are intended to be equivalent to ISO 140-3:1995.

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