Sissalation paper protects roofing

Queensland Sheet Metal Sissalation Paper is a light duty economical grade reflective foil insulation specifically developed as insulation and condensation control for use under metal deck roofs in domestic and commercial applications.

Sissalation paper can also be used as a cost effective wall wrap to protect against dirt, dust, draughts and condensation.

The installation of sissalation paper will add to the overall thermal performance of the roof or wall when a clear airspace of at least 20mm or more is provided at the reflective side of the foil face. Tough enough to withstand the rigours of construction, Queensland Sheet Metal Sissalation Paper provides an excellent barrier against dust during home building. Reducing glare from the external face of a building is an important site construction and road safety requirement. The green antiglare coating is installed to the outside of the building to reduce reflection to acceptable levels.


  • Pliable, strong and easy to use
  • Ideal for under metal roofs and also as a wall wrap
  • Provides ongoing physical protection against the elements
  • Reduces temperature variations and condensations inside the home
  • Increases energy efficiency; and improves homeowner comfort by weatherising the home

Standard Sizes and Packaging

Width (mm) Length (m) m2 per Roll Rolls per Pallet
1350 60 81 50


Queensland Sheet Metal Sissalation Paper is a general purpose roof sarking/wall wrapping product and is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects.  Queensland Sheet Metal Sissalation Paper will perform in normal building application when installed in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.2:194 Pliable Building Membranes and Underlay’s, Part 2 Installation Requirements.
Please note, all work must be designed and constructed in compliance with all provisions of the current Building Code of Australia, regulations and relevant standards. Being a secondary sarking/wall wrapping material, Queensland Sheet Metal Sissalation Paper is not designed to withstand prolonged direct exposure to the elements.
Accordingly, upon application of this product the outer cavity should be installed without delay. Sissalation Paper should be installed with the green anti-glare side facing outwards. In roofing applications it is recommended to use a minimum sag of 40mm deep between the rafters, except at the eaves. To ensure effective performance and satisfactory lifespan, Sissalation Paper must be installed with a minimum airspace of 20mm on the reflective face.

Additional Information

Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of reflective insulation varies according to the direction of the heat flow. The following table provides total R values for common systems in accordance with AS 4859.1:2002 Materials for the Thermal Insulation of Buildings.

Brick Veneer Wall Brick Veneer Wall Pitched Metal Roof Pitched Metal Roof
Total R Value Total R Value Total R Value Total R Value
Summer Winter Summer Winter
R1.6 R1.8 R1.9 R1.2
  • Emittance of reflective foil surfaces 0.05 or less
  • Temperature difference 6°C for heat flow out and 12°C for heat flow in
  • In roofs, Sissalation Paper installed antiglare facing up, reflective surfaces facing down
  • In walls, Sissalation Paper installed on the exterior of the studs, reflective surface facing the plasterboard
  • Emittance of antiglare surface 0.10