Wall Batt

Queensland Sheet Metal Wall Batts are an insulation material specially formulated to provide fire protection in party walls or separating walls between adjoining occupancies. It is manufactured from a molten mixture of natural rock and recycled blast furnace waste products, bonded with thermosetting resin.

The product has remarkable resistance to shrinkage at temperatures encountered in fire conditions. The stability is well beyond that of normal Rockwool or Glasswool insulation materials. The product can be identified by its dark brown appearance.

Applications – Wall Batts

Queensland Sheet Metal wall batts are designed for installation between the top of a fire resistance level (FRL) party wall and the roofing membrane. Its purpose is to meet the requirements for fire resistance between adjacent tenancies, as set out in building codes and ordinances.

The product can also be used as a fire seal between the edge of a floor slab and the facade of a building. Multiple layers must be stacked neatly and should be installed as one unit, however a single layer of wall batts are preferred. Wall batts may be stacked to fill cavities up to 255mm in height. The wall batts’ original height must be compressed by a minimum of 10% and Queensland Sheet Metal does not recommend more than three layers to be stacked without adequate support.

When a batt is required to be extended in length, a Vee profile cut shall be made to both ends of each batt so to provide a butt joint. Any vertical joints in a stacked batt installation should be staggered. Batt lengths are to be cut so to provide a tight fit in the construction gaps opening width. They must be fitted tightly and accurately, following the profile of the gap.

Benefits of Wall Batts

  • Highly durable insulation product
  • Remarkable resistance to shrinkage at high temperatures encountered in fire conditions
  • Easily fits into standard party wall applications
  • Easily cut and formed to fit into tight applications
  • Excellent and cost effective fire insulation
  • Performance is not adversely effected from contact with water
  • Non combustible
  • Bio-soluble and safe to use product

Additional Information

Available Facings

Wall Batts are available un-faced. Any other applied facings may reduce its performance.

Health & Safety

This product is manufactured from Rockwool.

SKU Table

Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Pieces per Pack Nominal Coverage m2 per Pack Lineal Metre per Pack
100 1200 168 5 1.08 6

Physical Properties

Density 70kg/m3
Fusion Temperature In excess of 1150°C
Thermal Conductivity 0.037W/MK at 23°C mean temperature
Non Combustibility AS/NZS 1530.1 : 1994 Non Combustible
Fire Hazard Properties AS/NZS 1530.3 : 1999 Ignitibility:0
Spread of Flame:0
Heat Evolved:0
Smoke Developed:0
Corrosion Resistance BS3958 part 5 – 1969 pH 7.0-9.0; Less than 200ppm soluble chlorides
Moisture Absorption When placed in a controlled atmosphere of 50°C and 95% relative humidity for 96 hours Less than 0.2% by volume
Fire Protection Level Width of fireseal (mm) Level of Fire Protection (hours)
120 1
128 1.5
135 2
Sample Specification The insulation material shall be wall batts 100mm thick as supplied by Queensland Sheet Metal. The wall batts shall be compressed into position with a minimum 10% compression in height, fitted snuggly into the cavity. The batts 168mm width may be trimmed down to suit fitment but the batts FRL shall be the same or greater than the adjoining elements structure’s FRL.