Corrugated Roofing

Our span roofing has a square corrugated appearance that highlights a mix of light and shade, wherever it is placed.

We are proud to introduce a great selection of different span sheeting options for your home or workplace.

Available Colours

The Colorbond® steel colour swatches above have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing, as varying light conditions, different screens and limitations of the printing process may affect colour tones.

Applications for Span Roofing

Span roofing blends perfectly with a wide range of building styles. Its 9 rib design means it can be used in walling and fencing, as well as its trademark roofing applications.

Our span roofing has been used on walkways, school buildings and heavy duty walling all throughout the state of Queensland and beyond. Span roofing is perfect for those who are after a more unique and nuanced look, while also being extremely practical. Available in a range of different colours, span cladding is just the thing for your home or business.

Using span cladding can also lead to great cost savings. Span roofing can be used in continuous lengths when large support gaps are utilised, meaning less sheets are ultimately used.

Fastener Selection

12 x 50 type 17 or 13 x 50 zip roof fastener used for fixing corrugated roofing into timber

12 x 65 Type 17 or 13 x 50 Zip

To be used for fixing span roofing into timber

13 x 50 zip or 12 x 35 SDS fixing corrugated roofing into metal

13 x 50 Zip or 12 x 45 SDS

To be used for fixing span roofing into metal

12 x 25 t17 fasteners used for fixing corrugated walling into timber

12 x 25 T17

To be used for fixing span walling into timber

10 x 16 SDS fastener used for fixing corrugated walling into metal

10 x 16 SDS

To be used for fixing span walling into metal

Additional Information

When installing span sheeting, you should always remember to lay the material into the prevailing wind and sit neatly on the preceding roof sheet. Never stretch the width of the sheet at any time during the installation process as this can lead to wind or rain penetrating the newly installed sheeting.

You should use side lap fasteners at mid span whenever the spans exceed 900mm for roofing or 1200mm for walling. Utilising side lap fixing will help enforce a weather proof seal and secure the sheet overlap. It is important to note that all fasteners used should have neoprene washers.

Roof Laying Procedure

Prevailing Wind  >                         <  Laying Direction


Fastener Positions

Roofing: Three Fastener Location (internal supports)

Roofing: Four Fastener Location (end supports and end laps)

Walling: Three Fastener Location (internal supports)