Square and rectangular downpipes

We produce square and rectangular downpipes that are available in many sizes to suit any application for industrial and residential buildings. These downpipes are available in a range of Colorbond® Steel colours, Zincalume®, Galvanised, stainless steel and copper.



Available Colours

Rectangular Downpipe Accessories

Additional Information

As a general guide, in non cyclonic areas, for every 1m² of roof area drained, 70mm² of downpipe is required. This calculation is based on the assumption that the maximum rainfall does not exceed 125mm per hour.

It is considered the best practice to drain to different points, using smaller downpipes rather than to one large outlet. Where possible, downpipes should be spaced at not more than 12000mm centres.

Profile BMT (mm) Tensile (MPa) Size A x B (mm) Roof Area Drained (m2) 
downpipe-image-for-graph 0.55 G300 50 x 50* 35
75 x 50 55
75 x 75 80
95 x 45 60
100 x 50 70
100 x 75 105
100 x 100 140
125 x 100 180
150 x 100 210
150 x 150 320
200 x 200 570

*1800mm lengths only

Note: Customised sizes are available upon request.

Metal Downpipe Essentials from Queensland Sheet Metal

Your choice of downpipe is very important for your roof drainage and guttering. If you plan on upgrading your roof, replacing downpipes or are looking at your roofing options for a brand-new home, explore our range. We also offer a complete range of downpipe accessories, such as downpipe elbows, downpipe offsetsand brackets, built to cover all of your needs.

Colour Choices

Downpipe colours can be colour matched to any traditional or modern home with our vast selection of the latest and mainstream designs. Explore our range and choose the perfect colours to go with your roof and guttering.

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