Round downpipes

Queensland Sheet Metal produces round downpipes that come in a range of different diameters to suit both industrial and residential buildings. Lengths are available in a range of Colorbond® Steel colours, Zincalume®, Galvanised, stainless steel and copper, up to 5m.


Available Colours

Round Downpipe Accessories

Additional Information

As a general guide, in non cyclonic areas, for every 1m² of roof area drained, 70mm² of downpipe is required. This calculation is based on the assumption that the maximum rainfall does not exceed 125mm per hour.

It is considered the best practice to drain to different points, using smaller downpipes rather than to one large outlet. Where possible, downpipes should be spaced at not more than 12000mm centres.

Profile BMT (mm) Tensile (MPa) Size A x B (mm) Roof Area Drained (m2) 
0.4 & 0.55 G300 50 30
65 45
75 65
90 90
100 115
125 170
150 250
175* 345
200* 450
225* 570

*1800mm lengths only

Note: Customised sizes are available upon request.

The Queensland Sheet Metal Downpipe Range

Top quality downpipes are the finest, longest-lasting choice for Queensland roofs.  If you’re trying to find top-of-the-line downpipes, or need to explore your roofing options for a brand-new home, we have exactly what you want. Also, see our large range of related products, like jointed downpipe connections and brackets.

Colour Matches for Your Roof

Our huge choice of downpipe colours includes traditional and modern colours over the full spectrum of options in the extensive Colorbond® range. Come and see what you can do with your colour choices to give your roof and downpipes a flawless look.

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