PVC round downpipes from Queensland sheet meta

Queensland Sheet Metal has PVC downpipes to suit both industrial and residential buildings. The standard sizes of PVC downpipes that we provide are 90mm and 100mm. All PVC downpipe accessories are available, too.


PVC Downpipe Accessories

Additional Information

As a general guide, in non cyclonic areas, for every 1m² of roof area drained, 70mm² of downpipe is required. This calculation is based on the assumption that the maximum rainfall does not exceed 125mm per hour.

It is considered the best practice to drain to different points, using smaller downpipes rather than to one large outlet. Where possible, downpipes should be spaced at not more than 12000mm centres.

The Queensland Sheet Metal PVC Downpipe Range

PVC downpipes are a sturdy choice for all types of roofs.  These downpipes are ideal, simple roofing solutions for most individual cases. If you’re upgrading or replacing old guttering, or building a brand-new home, and need to see all of your roofing options to make a comparison, check out our PVC downpipes, guttering and our gigantic range of other roofing accessories.

Downpipe Selection

In Queensland, the wet season puts a lot of strain on roof drainage and guttering, particularly on downpipes. Our Queensland Sheet Metal PVC downpipes are designed to deal with our moody weather and are built to last. If you’re not sure which type of downpipes you need or have questions about purchasing accessories, just ask our friendly experts.

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