Ceiling battens

Queensland Sheet Metal Ceiling Battens are made with a combination of high strength and rigidity and are low weight and inexpensive.

Ceiling Battens are compatible with all major domestic ceiling boards, which makes them an economical, easy to use and versatile solution.


The steel construction of Ceiling Battens will help control timber rafter movement, which will assist in preventing the plasterboard ceiling from cracking. Queensland Sheet Metal Ceiling Battens are manufactured from high quality Australian steel that delivers superior strength and durability.

  • The return edge is folded back on itself, providing a safe edge and a rigid profile
  • 0.42mm thick hi-tensile steel is very strong, lightweight and is easy to cut with tin snips
  • The 20mm high profile provides strength and is designed to nest for easy handling and storage
  • A textured surface makes installation easy when locating and screwing plasterboard fixings
  • Ceiling Battens are supplied in 6100mm lengths for easy handling and storage.

Additional Information

Fixing Battens to Timber

Fasten the ceiling batten at every support with a 12×25 T17 screw (minimum fixing size) through each flange.

Fixing Battens to Steel

Fasten the ceiling batten at every support using a 10×16 SDS screw (minimum fixing size) through each flange.

Attaching to Plasterboard

Fasten the plasterboard to the ceiling batten according to the plasterboard manufacturer’s specifications.

Note: Queensland Sheet Metal ceiling battens should not be walked on. For additional information refer to Steel Selection & Use.

Material Specifications

Profile Material Properties
ceiling-batten-measurements BMT 0.42BMT
Yield Strength 550MPa
Coating Mass 150g/m2
Batten Mass 0.35kg/m
Max. Span* 1200mm
Max. Spacing 600mm

* Maximum span continuous over at least two spans.

Note: The maximum span and spacings shown allow for a plasterboard thickness of up to 13mm. Refer to the appropriate manufacturer’s specifications for details on the ceiling installation.