Queensland Sheet Metal Roofing Battens offer an economical alternative to timber Roof Battens.

These are made from hi-tensile Australian steel and are lighter than timber battens yet still very strong.

They nest together which also allows for easy storage, carrying and handling.


Roofing Battens are versatile and easy to use. They can be lapped, saving the time of on-site cutting, making them quicker and easier to install. Compatible with all roof claddings, Queensland Sheet Metal Roofing Battens are simple to align and fastening is quick and easy using self-drilling screws. Queensland Sheet Metal Roof Battens are manufactured from hi tensile Australian steel.

  • A textured surface makes installation easy when fixing the cladding
  • The 40mm high profile provides strength and is designed to nest for easy handling and storage
  • The return edge provides safety and rigidity
  • Available in stock lengths with mitred ends for easy installation at hips and valleys

Additional Information

Fixing Battens to Timber

Fasten the batten to every truss or rafter with a 12 x 40mm timber fixing screw (minimum fixing size) through each flange.


Fixing Battens to Steel

Fasten the batten to every truss or rafter with a M5.5 x 40mm batten zip (minimum fixing size) through each flange.


Fixing to Roof Sheets

Fasten the roof sheets to the batten as per the roofing specifications.


Fixing to the Ridge

Fix through the ridge capping into the roof batten using the appropriate screws.


Lapping Battens

To minimise cutting, lay the battens in one direction starting from one end of the roof. The overlap must be supported over a truss or rafter. The minimum overlap is 100mm.


Note: If additional fall protection is required on steel sheet roofs, Ceiling Battens may be fixed intermittently between Roofing Battens giving a batten spacing no greater than 600mm. Roofing Battens are suitable for non-cyclonic conditions up to and including W41 (N3). 

Material Specifications

Profile Material Properties 0.55BMT 0.75BMT (Cyclonic)
roof-batten-measurements Yield Strength 550MPa 550MPa
Coating Mass 150g/m2 150g/m2
Maximum Span* 1500mm 1200mm
Max. Sheet Roof Spacing 1200mm 900mm
Max Tile Roof Spacing 330mm
Batten Mass 0.71kg/m 0.97kg/m