Choosing a roof colour can be lots of fun, especially considering there are so many colours available on the market now. That’s particularly the case in the new Colorbond® roofing range, where you can choose a huge range of colours for your roof.

Want to learn more about choosing a roofing colour? Read on for some of the critical factors to consider

Colour Choices and Decisions

With all these choices, it’s a good idea to step back and really consider your options. To decide what you want, consider:

  • The local setting: Which colour is a good match for your home, neighbourhood, and garden? Some colours will look much better than others. A Colorbond green, for example, could look absolutely fantastic in a leafy suburb, but you might want to go with a more neutral tone in a more built-up area.
  • Roof and walls colour combinations: The mix of roof and wall colours can be a really fascinating range of choices. A green roof with white walls is a classic look. A pale roof tone with a darker wall is a good contrast option. The colour choices can be truly beautiful, so think about the possible combinations.
  • Multi-colour options: A common idea used on designer homes is alternating roof colours to create a unique look. This can look fantastic on larger houses with a lot of angles. It can also be effective for highlighting upper floor attic windows.
  • Traditional roof colours: These are usually pretty safe choices in any environment, but there are plenty of these colours to choose from, too.
  • Roof replacements: Do you really want the same colour or a new look? Give yourself time to consider all your choices.

The Selection Process

Before you spend a single cent:

  • Make sure you are 100% happy with your colour choice. Remember; this is the colour you’ll be living with, so take your time to pick what you want.
  • Compare colour options and find the look you really like, the one that really stands out and looks like the roof of your dream home.
  • Remember that the roof is the largest single visible space in your house. It’s very much a part of your exterior presentation, so be as fussy as you like about choosing your colour.
  • Use the colour chart as a guide only. Make sure you see the real colours before deciding because chart colours aren’t quite the same and tend to be different from the actual colours.

Purchasing Your New Roof

The next issue is purchasing. Luckily, you can get a very good deal on your roof from suppliers, even for top brand Colorbond® roofing. Talk to your suppliers, get some help evaluating your colour choices, and enjoy a better roof for a better price.

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