Festive periods like Christmas and Halloween are a great time for everyone involved. In this article, we explore decorations, energy consumption and safety measures to make your festive period as enjoyable as possible.


Christmas is the season of lights and cheer. Some great festive decorations include:

  • Window silhouettes: snowflakes and reindeer are popular choices here.
  • An inflatable display, either on ground or on your roof. An outdoor sled, Santa, or elves are always festive and fun.
  • Red ribbons, paired with lights on your windows and roof, will make any home come alive with Christmas cheer.


Looking to scare some children this Halloween? Consider these ideas.

  • Flying ghosts. These can be attached to your roof, trees, or even windows.
  • A classic haunted house sign and some bloody footprints leading up to the door. You can even go further with this idea by leaving bloody handprints on the windows that crawl up to the roof.
  • Window silhouettes. When the lights turn on, the creates are visible.

Roof Safety

Festive periods can be exciting, which means that many of us forget to be safe. Here are some tips to remember this festive season.


  • If you are using a ladder, make sure that you are using the correct ladder for the job.
  • While under the influence, avoid climbing.
  • Make sure your ladder is being supported.

Roof Safety

  • Ensure all your decorations are securely fastened.
  • Set up decorations during the day instead of night.
  • Be patient.

Energy Consumption

For many of us, the festive seasons can result in increased energy bills, which is why it’s important to pay attention to energy consumption and savings during the festive periods.

Here are a few tips to help you save this festive season.

LED Lights

Make the switch to LED lights, which last up to 25 times longer than regular lights, and instead of burning out, slowly dim over time. They also 90% less energy than regular lights, making them the natural, energy friendly option.


Set a timer. Instead of having the lights on for long periods of time, turn them on for certain periods of time.

Also, remember that our festive period is usually during warmer months, which means there’s less need to keep them on for long periods of time. Simply turn them on once the sun sets and don’t forget to turn them off when you go to bed!

Consider batteries

Some decorations are rechargeable battery powered, which is often more energy efficient than other forms of batteries and electricity outlets.



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