A great DIY project can be both fun and inspiring. In this article, we’ll explore a few DIY projects that can improve your home this year.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an easy beginner’s DIY project that add storage and modernity. They can be purchased from a variety of home renovation places and can be added to every room, including your lounge, bedroom and study.

A more advanced DIYer could add a floating shelf to a bathroom – although they should be careful with wall tiles, if relevant.

Closet Organiser

Similar to a floating shelf, except inside a closet; a closet organiser gives you more storage options and space. They require the same amount of skill as floating shelves to put up and are practical and inexpensive to install.


Over time, wall paint can fade, become dirty, or make a room lose its beauty. Repainting a room and choosing colours to make it appear more modern and liveable is an achievable DIY project.

Feature Walls

If the idea of completely repainting a room doesn’t sound appealing, consider adding a feature wall – which can spruce up a room and make the whole space seem brand new.

This may not necessarily involve repainting a wall – although many feature walls are simply a different colour to the rest of the room. It may also involve wallpapering a wall, which can add a lovely touch to a child’s room – or even a study room if an appropriate wallpaper is chosen.


Over time, lighting attracts bugs and other creepy-crawlers. Choosing a new form of lighting can brighten up a room.


Improve the quality of your garden by adding a gazebo, otherwise known as a canopy. Gazebos are relatively simple to put up. They can provide protection from the sun, while also allowing you to sit in a space that is free from insects and in particular, mosquitos.


Although flooring as a DIY project doesn’t always come to mind, it can be. Going from carpet to wood or tiles is a step that many families choose to take. Although it may be difficult to do the entire flooring change yourself, it is possible to remove old carpet and lay laminate yourself.


DIY projects don’t necessarily have to be cosmetic – they should also be efficient. Checking for any air leaks and insulation faults can help you keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

For a quick fix, placing clear plastic tape around the leak will work. In the long run, you could consider discussing your insulation options with a building company that will offer you advice on what your next step should be.


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