Colorbond Colours – The New Range

The Colorbond® 2018 range of colours is a new development in presentation and colour choices from a famous brand. Colorbond® always remain a step ahead in colour choices, and this year they’ve added a virtual new spectrum to their range.

The 2018 Colorbond® Range

There are 22 colours in the current Colorbond® range, varying from traditional to neutral tones and subtle, understated colours that will go with any design. Whether you have an ultra-modern home or a fabulous older home where every addition MUST be perfect, there’s something in this range for you.

Colorbond® are also famous for good, or some might say excellent, choices in colours. They’re the standard setters, in fact, for colours across a wide range of types of metal roofing and other products. The difference between their market leader quality standards are obvious in comparison to other products on the market.

The new range features 5 categories:

  • Contemporary: Their Contemporary colours cover the full range of the latest designer colours. These colours are somewhat muted, but rich in colour and texture. This range is ideal for modern exterior presentations and modern home colour schemes.
  • Classic: This range could be called “Australian classics”. You’ll instant recognise at least a few of these colours, including the famous Cottage Green®, Deep Ocean®, and Manor Red®. They also go well with most modern design colours.
  • Matt: The Colorbond® Matt range is a neutral range, covering grey to off-white, and the very dark Monument® colour, a deep grey near black. The Matt colours are ideal for many applications, particularly in conjunction with neutral walls and windows.
  • Fencing: Colorbond® Fencing is an interesting and varied range of colours from cream and green to dark greys and browns. Explore the full spectrum, and you’ll see at least several which will work with any colour scheme.
  • Ultra: The Ultra range is the ultra-modern Colorbond® spectrum for modern homes. A selection of greys and cream choices, Colorbond® Ultra offers great choices for tones to go with your home exterior.

How to Make Up Your Mind with The New Colorbond® Colours

The major issue with the new Colorbond® range of colours isn’t about how good they are, but how to decide which one to choose.

Despite the vast range of choices, this is a bit easier than it looks:

  1. Colour matching: Match a few colours with your existing colours. One of them will look right, the suddenly obvious choice. A good colour match ALWAYS looks like it belongs on that site.
  2. Colour contrasting: Contrasting is typically a lighter colour against a darker colour. Again, you’ll see which colours go together well, better than others. Which looks like the perfect mix for your place?
  3. Colorbond® Roofing: You’ve got a great range of choices here. Which is your dream colour? The one that looks so perfect, and really goes with your site? Trust Colorbond® to have exactly what you want.

Queensland Sheet Metal Has All the Latest Colorbond® Colours

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