Consider Metal Roofing For Big Spaces

If you’re considering a new roof, we’d like to offer you a few pointers about the high values of metal roofing. Modern metal roofing offers a lot of excellent values, including architectural options and value-adding options.

Metal Roofing Key Advantages

The major advantages of metal roofing are many, and they cover everything from cost to exterior presentation and design:

  • Much lower basic cost compared to other roofing types. With all due respect to tiles and other types of roofing, metal roofing is far cheaper. The basic rule of thumb is that the bigger the roof, the bigger the cost benefit from using metal roofing. Wherever you live in Australia, you’ll notice that even the big modern buildings are typically using metal roofing, and the better cost base is the driver.
  • Extreme durability and practical values: Metal roofing is far superior to other types of roofing in product life and all-round toughness. If you live in one of Australia’s moodier climate zones, with the odd cyclone or wet season for company every year, you’ll know this story – A good roof is the one that delivers good coverage, is easy to fix if required, and won’t cost a fortune if it’s damaged. From Broome to Brisbane, metal roofing is the all-round solution.
  • Magnaflow™: Comparatively new to metal roofing, Magnaflow™ is a type of metal roofing which releases magnesium in to scratches and nicks to seal them, preventing corrosion. This prevents damage and adds even more longevity to modern metal roofing.
  • Design versatility and property values: Metal roofing can be precision made to any type of roofing configuration. Common in the US, and becoming much more common in Australia, “redesigning” with your new metal roof can add attic space, living space, and increase usable space, improving property values. In the US, this design approach can mean effectively adding a whole new floor, even on a very large building. This option is well worth exploring with your designer and local council.
  • Colorbond® roofing: Colorbond® are market leaders in Australia, with good reason. This famous brand is top of the line for all types of roofing and can be used on any scale for any type of roofing. Whether you need a roof for a garden shed or a big new development, Colorbond® sets the standards. See the latest Colorbond® roofing to see why.

What’s the Best Metal Roofing for Your Needs?

Metal roofing comes in a wide range of types and styles and a huge range of related builders’ products. You’ve got a great range of choices of look. Consider insulated metal roofing, Magnaflow™, Colorbond® colours and styles, and talk to your designers. Expect to be astonished by the sheer range of choices, and expect to have a lot of fun making your selection.

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