In Australia, metal roofs are quite common on commercial and industrial buildings, but some home owners still have outdated ideas and misconceptions about the disadvantages of this durable and versatile roofing material. Modern metal roofing comes in a wide array of colours and styles, so if the thought of having a roof that looks like everyone else’s has been holding you back, rest assured there’s a colour and style to complement your home perfectly.

Here are some other metal roofing fallacies that still persist today.

Rain Sounds are Too Loud

One of the most common myths concerning metal roofing is the noise factor when it rains, and if you’ve ever stood under a carport in a rainstorm, you’ll agree that it’s true. Older folks might also remember the sound of raining drumming on the roof of their childhood home.

However, today’s metal roofs are fully insulated, and the metal is usually coated so they’re no noisier than tiled roofs.

Metal Roofs Attract Lightning Strikes

It’s easy to see where this idea came from. All that metal in a thunderstorm can’t be good, can it? Metal conducts electricity, not attracts it, so your roof is no more likely to be struck by lightning than any other type of roof. Lightning tends to strike the tallest objects in the area, so unless your home is taller than everything else in the neighbourhood, it shouldn’t be a concern.

Metal Roofs Have Poor Insulating Properties

Here’s another one that’s easy to explain. Since metal conducts heat, it makes sense that the roof and everything under it will be roasting in summer and frozen in winter, right? That might be true of bare, uninsulated metal roofs like those on carports and verandas, but with the proper insulation installed, your roof will help to keep the heat inside your home in winter and outside in summer.

Most manufacturers heat-treat the metal to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by summer sun, and choosing a lighter colour will reflect those infrared rays and keep your home cooler. As long as your roof space is well insulated, a metal roof can help you save on heating and cooling costs.

Your Metal Roof Will Rust Away

While it’s true that metal does rust, your metal roof can eventually give decades of service before any rust starts to show. Almost all metal roofing has a protective coating on it which guards against exposure to moisture and oxygen – the two elements that cause rust. Metal roofing is also very low maintenance especially when it’s new. Older roofs – more than 10 years old – just need regular inspections to detect and treat any signs of rust.

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