The style of your home will determine whether you have a flat or sloped metal roof, and commercial and industrial buildings often have flat roofs for a variety of reasons, but which one is better all round? Both styles have their pros and cons including kerb appeal. For instance, you’d never put a flat roof on a heritage-style home, and modern contemporary homes can look wrong with a sloping, or pitched, roof.

If your property would look just as good with either style, here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of both.

Building Type

As previously stated, the style of your building, and your personal taste, can ultimately make the decision for you. Commercial buildings such as shops and factories generally have flat roofs because it’s a more cost-effective solution for a large roof, and easier to work on and install commercial air conditioning units and solar panels.

A flat roof isn’t completely flat; it must have some slope to allow for drainage, but they do require more maintenance to prevent leaks. Sloping roofs on homes are the most popular due to their good looks, versatility, and excellent drainage, and they tend to be the preferred style for home owners.

Pitch and Maintenance

The pitch of your roof can determine how often you need to inspect and maintain it. Even sloped roofs can vary in pitch from steep to gradual, with lower pitched roofs being easier and safer to maintain, and more robust and durable.


A lot more material and work go into a sloping roof, therefore flat roofs can be a more cost-effective option, especially for large, expansive roofs. Flat roofs are perfect for verandas, carports, sheds, and even some home extensions if the rest of the home is a modern style.

Roof Space

A steeply pitched roof can have such a large roof space that you can build another room up there, or use it for storage. Flat roofs have very little roof space except on the outside, which makes them perfect for solar panels because the low slope means they’ll get more direct sunlight.


Where your home or business is located can also be a factor in your choice of roof style. Properties in areas with a lot of rain and snow might benefit from roofs with a steeper pitch because of the superior drainage properties.

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