Knowing what to do with your outdoor space can be a daunting challenge unless you have a good design in mind.

At Queensland Sheet Metal, we’ve seen our fair share of different patio arrangements, which is why we offer easy-to-install patio kits and accessories like clip beams.  A well-built patio can increase the value of your home and express your personal style like nothing else.

To help fellow Queensland residents and builders find the best result for their needs, we’ve put together 5 easy tips to think about when renovating your patio.

Get a new patio roof

For a good investment in your outdoor area, our first suggestion would be to look into getting a new roof or covering for the patio.

By protecting your decking and furniture from prolonged contact with the sun and the elements, you’ll help your patio’s furnishings look fresh for years to come.

Extend your patio’s length or width

Imagine what you could do simply by adjusting how much sunlight gets onto your patio.

With the help of a local contractor or landscape designer, you can play around with changing the shape and scale of your patio.

Try a larger roof for less sunlight exposure or lengthen the space of your flooring or decking over the lawn, giving you and your guests more room to move around.

Add new outdoor furniture and plants

Create a space the whole family can use, or a superb extension to the dining room!

Simply by adding some great furniture to the patio area, you can make this a useful space, for dining outdoors with family or friends – or for a range of outdoor activities such as gardening.

Adding lighting to this space also means the area can continue to be used into the evening – great for having guests over in the warmer months.

Why not recreate the style you have indoors? We recommend looking for outdoor furniture and decking that matches the colour and design of your interior to create an indoor-outdoor flow.

Raise the patio up and turn it into a deck

Whether you choose to hire a builder or to take a DIY approach to your renovation, you don’t always have to go with a standard side-to-side extension.

One trend among homeowners is to elevate their patio from the ground with new decking. Choose from whichever materials you like and you’ll soon see your backyard from a whole new perspective.

A simple way to save water

Use this space wisely!  By simply adding some gutters and downpipes to your patio roof, you can store water for the dry months.

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