Australian bushfires are a serious fear during the dry season, both for homeowners and builders. Queensland Sheet Metal takes this threat just as seriously, which is why our line of work is concerned with long-term protection against bushfire damage and helping our customers find new ways to detect and defend against oncoming fires. Here are 5 essential tips for both builders and residents to follow as they prepare for bushfire season.

1.  Build a safety zone around your property.

Choose a strong and cost-effective material for your fencing.Corrugated fences are visually attractive, lightweight and strong. You can also make sure that the ground between your fence and your home is clear of any fire-attracting debris.

2.  Set down fire-resistant, water-wise plants around your building.

Plants aren’t fireproof by themselves, but some species are more fire-resistant than others. These floras naturally conserve water and create a hard barrier against bushfires, such as rainforest and acacia type trees and shrubs, which include:

  • Blueberry Ash
  • Black Plum
  • Spotted Emu Bush

3.  Install smoke detectors in key areas.

It’s often the case that the smoke from a raging fire will reach your residence long before you even see the flames.We recommend investing in a smoke detector from a reliable brand, so that you can get fair warning and move your belongings and loved ones at a moment’s notice.

4.  Clean out flammable debris from rain gutters.

When preparing for a fire, remember that the wind can scatter embers onto your house.To protect your roof from catching fire, be sure to clear out any debris from your gutters before or during bushfire season. Look for flammable hazards like dried-up leaves and sticks.

5.  Build or retrofit your home, sheds and outdoor structures with fire-resistant materials.

If a bushfire should spread to your property, the best defense you can erect is to stop any fire from catching on the roof or walls of your home.As a well-known supplier of superior roofing products, we ask you to think about the benefits of sheet metal in safeguarding your home.

A well-designed sheet metal roof can afford strong and long-lasting protection during tough weather conditions including bushfire season. In addition, wall insulation made from natural rock mixtures and set with thermosetting resin guarantees both a defense against bushfires and excellent heat retention during the colder seasons.

An in-depth renovation project with fireproofed roofing and insulation can make a world of difference for any homeowner’s peace of mind.