bribie antcap

At Queensland Sheet Metal, ant capping comes in stock lengths of 1.8 metres in Galvanised, or should you require it specifically, Zincalume®.

Antcaps are commonly used in Queensland to prevent termites gaining access to your home. They’re an essential feature in roofing designs. They’re cheap, highly effective and very useful in all types of home, including the latest modern homes as some extra insurance against our overzealous termites and the problems they create.

A Range of Great Products & Accessories

For detailed information on the different sizes of each antcap, please view or download our Antcaps Brochure below.


single sided antcap

Single Sided / Veneer

  • 50 X 38
  • 113 x 38
  • 150 x 38
  • 200 x 38
  • 225 x 38
Antcaps -Queensland Sheet Metal

Double Sided

  • 113 X 38 X 38
  • 150 x 38 x 38
  • 200 x 38 x 38
  • 225 x 38 x 38
Galvanised and Zincalume® Antcaps from Queensland sheet metal


  • 50 x 17 x 17 x 38
  • 75 x 17 x 17 x 38
  • 100 x 17 x 17 x 38
antcap external corner

Antcap External Corner

Also available are antcap corners to suit the antcap of your choice including both internal and external corners in Zincalume® or Galvanised.

If you need antcaps, talk to us about your specific needs and our experts will be happy to provide all the practical help, advice and guidance you are looking for.

Our antcaps are made from top-quality steel with a choice of Double Sided, Veneer (Single Sided) or Bribie Ant Capping, you can be sure to find suitable capping for any building requirements.

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