Alpine Style Modern Roofing In QLD

Cladding in the Alpine style attracts the eye with a smooth, flawless look. The broad, flat pans, coupled with small and slender ribs, look great as cladding either as modern roofing, or a wall. With two different fixing systems on offer, both modes are fantastic exterior cladding options.

Alpine Cladding

Other varieties of sheet metal cladding tend to have smaller, less-flat pans, and higher ribbed sections. The Alpine has a more modern and easy-going look, with broad and flat pans, and a low rib. If you’re looking for a type of cladding that will go well with a piece of modern architecture, the Alpine might be your best bet.

The Alpine is Versatile

The Alpine has been designed so that it can be installed either as roof cladding, or as cladding to cover a wall. Depending on which you wish to go with, there are two distinct ways of fixing the cladding.

The Alpine Installation Methods

Alpine Nail Strip cladding is easily installed by screwing into the pre-cut sections and snapping each strip over the panel that precedes it.

Alpine Snap Lock is easily installed by fastening clips to the membrane and then snapping each strip over the panel that precedes it.

These systems have two positives: they secure the cladding, and also hide the point at which the cladding is adhered to the surface. That way, it maintains a clean, flawless look. Additionally, the installation method for Alpine cladding does not require any seaming tools.

The Alpine Look

Alpine cladding is the pinnacle of cladding designs with a stylish, European inspired profile. Texturally, the Alpine will look great on any building—especially those with a modern design. With a range of colours and finishes to choose from (UniCote®, Magnaflow™ and UniCote® Lux ranges), you can be sure that you’ll get the aesthetic you’re looking for.