The Ravine design has flat, long pans, and deep, thin ribs. Visually, it makes a bold statement; durable, but elegant. No matter what architectural style this cladding is matched with, it will complement the overall look of a property. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of colours.

Ravine Cladding

When you’re in the market for sheet metal cladding, you want something that:

a) looks great

b) is affordable

c) is simple to install

A great sheet metal design that fulfills all these needs is The Ravine, which is both a delight to work with, and a marvel to look at. With an insightful design, the panels cover over each other. This creates a crisp, clean finish, and seals easily. The Ravine cladding can be used in many different circumstances—for a home, an industrial plant, or an office block—and works anywhere, practically and aesthetically.


If you know what you’re doing and can follow the instructions, you’ll find that the Ravine is a simple to install. Panels are fastened with clips and adhered with a tool that has been designed especially. When finished, there shouldn’t be any imperfections to the eye, with all unsightly bumps covered up by the ingenious design.

Any Size or Shape

The Ravine works perfectly when cut to a long length. It can be used in many different ways and be applied as cladding to structures of different shapes. Both flat and curved surfaces will function well, as will conical or domed surfaces.

If you want a shorter cut of the metal, that can be delivered as well. The length of the ravine cladding can be tailored specifically to your needs.


It’s not just the size, design, and length of the Ravine that will go beautifully with the structure. The Ravine can also come in a variety of colours and finishes; Colorbond®, Magnaflow™ and UniCote® Lux.