Roof restorations involve extensive structural work, including repainting, replacing old materials and creating a structurally sound new roof. Repairs, on the other hand, involve a range of local fixes for isolated roofing problems.

Roof repairs may be noticeably less expensive than restorations, but the problem is that they may not be enough. This “band-aid” solution may fix your immediate roofing issues but lead to more expensive repairs in the future.

There’s a point at which roof restoration will actually be cheaper than repairs, and this is what you need to consider when choosing between these two options.

Considering Your Options

The decision between restoration and repair needs a closer look. Costs can be a significant factor, of course, but the longer term issues can include much bigger costs.


  • Does your roof need extensive repairs? If so, it’s probably an older roof, which may be nearing its expiry date. That means it may also have structural issues, like timber or battens that have worn out over decades. These old roofs simply can’t last forever and repairs may not be enough in the future.
  • Do you need a lot of minor repairs? Generally speaking, local roof repairs are occasional and isolated, not all over the roof at the same time. There must be something that’s causing all these issues. At the very least, get the roof checked out for any structural needs.
  • Do you intend to renovate in future? If so, restoration is definitely the way to go. Your renovations or home improvements will need a structurally sound roof. This will also spare you the task of trying to accurately cost your renovations with added roofing costs.
  • Are you experiencing significant and/or persistent leaks? If you are, forget about repairs. You’ll need to restore the roof anyway. Repairs can only do so much. A restoration will completely remove the problems, properly seal the roof, and eliminate the leaks.

Getting Your Costs for Restorations or Repairs Right

Comparing costs of restoration and repairs is a bit easier than you might think:

  • Restoration costs resolve into one quote: That makes a big difference. If you have a large home, you can fix everything for that price. You can get new guttering, insulated roofing, new downpipes, new flashings, and really solve your problems permanently. This is definitely best practice for homeowners who want to manage costs and onsite issues.
  • Repair costs are cheaper: This is fine provided that you’re not repairing the roof every time it rains and there are no internal leak damage issues. Leaks can cause astonishing amounts of damage, particularly in humid climates. Just make sure you’re not vulnerable to added costs.

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