Modern roofing, particularly metal roofing, has come a long way from the designs and architectural norms of the past. Supported by better roofing materials and innovative CAD technology, new roofing designs are changing the face of the world.

The Beauty of New Roofing Styles and Designs

Let’s start with the beautiful aspects of modern roofing because new roofing offers so many design choices. Modern metal roofing is big, beautiful and precision cut. It’s available in a range of colours that add vibrancy to the exterior and great living spaces to interiors.

Style choices for your new roofing include:

  • Multiple hipped roofs with many faces, a stunningly attractive design option for larger houses.
  • Graceful two-piece butterfly roofs that look fabulous and make harvesting rainwater easy.
  • High ceilings are also popular, particularly when designs include split level features or sloping terrain where elevations offer design opportunities.

The Safety Factor in Roofing

The safety factor in roofing isn’t just about being safe when you’re on the roof; it’s about the roof delivering safety factors for your home.

Safe roofing includes:

  • Durability and the ability to withstand climate extremes
  • Storm-proofing and guttering that adds real safety for your home, protecting against water penetration, leaks and interior damage.

These issues can result in huge costs if your roofing isn’t secure and safe. Modern roofing is delivering exceptional value compared to old-style roofing. It offers better design possibilities and it’s at the forefront of home safety.


Function, in roofing terms, means:

  • Managing space: Creating new space with a new roof is a huge positive for modern roofing. You can solve your downstairs space issues and get a great home design with all the new interior features you want. (Some new roofs basically create a whole new open plan floor!)
  • Property values: In property market terms, modern roof designs can add exceptional value to a home at a fraction of the cost of other types of renovation. Coupled with the kerb appeal value of a great looking exterior and you can see why so many people are looking at roofing as a major property asset.
  • Energy-friendly roofing: Modern metal roofing includes insulated panels that can save you a lot of money on heating and cooling bills. These insulated panels are now standard best practice in Australian roofing. Good insulation also helps to manage seasonal temperatures in summer, when extreme heat can drive your air conditioning costs up rapidly.

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