Queensland Sheet Metal works with top quality steel like MagnaFlow, to bring revolutionary and fascinating products to the Australian market. These self-repairing gutters and downpipes are changing the way we approach roofing in the industry and making the lives of homeowners easier than ever.

Common Problems with Traditional Gutters and Downpipes

These crucial aspects of your home protect its structures and electrical systems against water damage. When gutters and downpipes become damaged or leaky, they can cause unbelievable problems and expensive repairs in your home. Older gutters and downpipes can be broken easily, so we recommend replacing them as soon as possible.

A Product Overview of MagnaFlow

There are three tiers to the MagnaFlow roofing system. The top and bottom layers are made from zinc, aluminium and magnesium. The middle layer is made from a durable steel substrate. The magic of MagnaFlow’s self-repairing system comes from the use of magnesium.

If an area of the roofing system is scratched or penetrated, magnesium flows into the affected areas and seals the damage. This seal protects the damaged zones against water, oxygen and corrosion, thereby stopping the progressive decay of the metal structures from rust. The major benefit of MagnaFlow technology is stopping the spread of corrosion, meaning fewer maintenance requirements and replacement costs.

Unmatched Resistance to the Environment

The typical factors that cause metal roof deterioration are UV exposure, sudden trauma from falling debris or high winds, corrosion and high levels of heat. MagnaFlow resists all these factors, staying efficient and strong in the toughest of Queensland environments. Some fantastic qualities of MagnaFlow technology include:

  • Scratch resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Attractive finishes for street appeal

Additional Benefits of MagnaFlow for Queensland Homes

With MagnaFlow gutters and downpipes, you can enjoy an unprecedented level of durability and product lifespan. MagnaFlow is compliant with Australian and New Zealand standards, making it perfect for all buildings from beachfront homes to suburban properties. Plus, MagnaFlow products cover all of your roofing needs, including:

Where to Find MagnaFlow Products in Queensland

If you’re looking for the very best roofing products for your home or business in Queensland, speak to Queensland Sheet Metal. We are your local supplier of MagnaFlow metal roofing products, and our team will be there to offer technical support and advice throughout the process.

Make Queensland Sheet Metal your local gutters and downpipes suppliers, we strive to bring the finest quality products to the market. Talk to our consultants about MagnaFlow products for your property, and we will help you with a range of superior roofing supplies.

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