Downpipes play an important role in protecting your home by moving excess water away from your roof. When it’s time to replace your old downpipes, it can be confusing to work out the differences between the styles. In this article, Queensland Sheet Metal is going to help you decide between round and rectangular downpipes for your home’s roofing system.


The Benefits of Rectangular Downpipes

Although there are minimal differences between the two styles of downpipes, many Queensland homeowners prefer rectangular downpipes because of their ability to sit flush with the wall. This choice is mainly aesthetic and usually suits older style homes. Rectangular downpipes also offer wider drainage areas, meaning higher quantities of water can travel through them.

Rectangular or square downpipes are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The most popular size is a 100x75mm downpipe that offers excellent drainage capabilities.


The Benefits of Round Downpipes

Round downpipes are a favourite of many Aussies as they are aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean because they don’t sit directly against the exterior walls of the property. Many people believe that round downpipes are superior because the lack of corners means objects are less likely to get stuck; however, these results are inconclusive due to the biological nature of items that fall in gutters.

Round downpipes are a classic fixture in Australian homes, and they are available in a huge range of possible diameters. The most popular is a 90mm downpipe that works well in both residential and industrial applications.


Your Options in Colours and Materials

It really doesn’t matter which style of downpipe you choose because the most important aspect is deciding on the right colour and materials for your home. At Queensland Sheet metal, our downpipe colours can be matched to both traditional and modern homes across many designs.

Our 1800mm and 2400mm lengths are available in a huge range of Colorbond Steel colours, Zincalume Steel, Galvanised, stainless steel and copper. Metal downpipes are stronger, more durable and more stylish than PVC downpipes, and they will also last for a much longer time.


Speak to Queensland Sheet Metal about Your Needs

Queensland Sheet Metal manufactures our metal downpipes from the highest quality materials in Australia. We also offer a complete range of downpipe accessories, such as downpipe elbows, offsets and brackets, built to meet your precise needs. If you’re trying to find top-of-the-line roofing materials, look no further.

Speak to one of our experienced consultations about your needs and we will help you choose between round and rectangular downpipes in a range of colours and finishes. Call us on 1300 926 074 or request a quote online.