The quality of materials used in your home is a crucial consideration to ensure you enjoy long-term value. Having the right material for your gutters and downpipes is especially important due to the essential role they play in directing water away from your home and protecting essential elements of your property. Below we take a look at different materials available for house gutters and downpipes.

Copper Gutters and Downpipes

Copper is a material used for gutters and downpipes because it is strong, sturdy and resistant to rust. Copper gutters and downpipes can withstand falling debris and high quantities of water, making them a desirable choice for Queensland homes. A high-quality copper gutter that was properly installed can last for generations if you stay up to date with your maintenance.

The only downside of copper gutters and downpipes is that they can be quite heavy, making them more difficult to install. Plus, they come at a higher initial price than many other roofing materials.

PVC Gutters and Downpipes

PVC is the most affordable roofing material available. It’s lightweight and easy to work with, making it popular with fans of DIY projects. They are seamless and can be painted if you choose, giving you plenty of style options to suit your home. There is also no risk of rust or corrosion over time.

Of course, a range of issues come with cheap products. PVC is far weaker than metal, and when you’re dealing with outdoor applications and inclement weather, this can make all the difference. PVC gutters tend to sag and leak over time. Their lifespan is nowhere near as long as metal gutters, so it’s important to take this cost into account.

Choosing High-Quality Steel Products in Queensland

At Queensland Sheet Metal, we rely on top brands like MagnaFlow, Colorbond and Zincalume to create steel roofing products that remove all the cons that come with other materials.


MagnaFlow products deliver high performance and excellent lifespans due to its ground-breaking, self-repairing technology. MagnaFlow uses microscopic amounts of magnesium that flows into scratches and seals any damaged areas. This stops the spreading of corrosion in your roofing.

Colorbond Steel

You may be familiar with Colorbond Steel because of its popularity as a building material in Queensland homes. The benefits of Colorbond include:

  • Design flexibility
  • Many choices in colours and profiles
  • Fast and efficient construction
  • Amazing thermal efficiency
  • Strength and durability
  • Non-combustible surfaces
  • Termite-resistance
  • A completely weathertight structure


Queensland Sheet Metal relies on Zincalume for high efficiency in our products. The steel is coated in a protective layer of zinc, protecting any exposed areas from the elements. Additional benefits include:

  • Corrosion and abrasion resistance at high temperatures
  • Excellent thermal and light reflectivity
  • Significantly longer product lifespans

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