What Is Magnaflow™? It’s A Great Option for Your Roof

Magnaflow™  is a very practical new option for metal roofing. It’s simple, but it’s also very useful, and reduces maintenance costs.

Magnaflow™ Basics

The idea is straightforward – when a tiny split in your metal roofing happens, magnesium flows out of the metal in to the split, and seals it. Good idea, obviously, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Metal roofing is tough by any standards, but damage starts when microscopic damage occurs. This damage lets in corrosive oxygen, which then starts destroying the metal. The tatty, neglected metal roofing you see is what happens when this process isn’t stopped.

OK, now consider:

  • What might happen to a very large area like a metal roof with multiple areas of corrosion over time.
  • Consider the likely cost of fixing a big roof.
  • Consider what leakage can do to the interior, in terms of costs and damages.

Magnaflow™ is the quick, simple solution to potentially major problems.

If those problems are sounding expensive to you, it’s also why Magnaflow™ is taking off in the metal roofing industry. Most people don’t know that a vast percentage of modern buildings have metal roofing. Nearly all commercial buildings, for example, have very large metal roofs.

The maintenance costs for these big roofs can be truly horrific, particularly if the roofs leak and damage the interior, roof insulation, or even the building structure. (Wooden frames, roof supports, and water don’t mix well, and cost a lot to fix.)

Considering a Magnaflow™ Roof? Good Move!

The bottom line effects of Magnaflow™ roofing are a very good reason to check out this type of roofing. This is particularly the case if you’re doing a new build or replacing an old roof.

Magnaflow™ is the best option for severe environmental conditions too. The sort of damage which causes corrosion is inevitable, and for example a roof within a few kms of the ocean for example is a big target for this damage.

Magnaflow™ is the all-round, “stop it before it starts” option. Over time, your tough metal roofing will dodge a lot of corrosion bullets that can cost you big money. If you’re thinking that a big warehouse, or other commercial space of metal roofing can be a truly grim costing experience to fix, you’re quite right. Again, Magnaflow™ is the easy, best, and most cost-effective option.

Magnaflow™ is as much a type of risk management as it is a type of roofing material. It’s the common sense, no-nonsense choice for nailing down and reducing your building maintenance costs for the biggest single space in any building. Like your roof, it’s good coverage, if you’ll excuse the expression, for managing the net real costs of your building.

Ask Us about Magnaflow™

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