Why Colorbond®? Because It’s Ultra-Reliable in Australian Conditions

Colorbond® is famous in Australia for being a good, practical product for a vast range of different uses.  Colorbond® isn’t expensive, and it delivers excellent long product life, whether you use it for metal roofing, fencing, garden beds, or any other purpose.

Colorbond®, in fact, is unique in Australia for its exceptional market penetration. In a country where construction of all kinds is a national occupation, that’s no trivial achievement. Australians, particularly Australian construction professionals, are more than a bit picky about the building materials they use. Being 100% reliable is a real must, in this very demanding market.

Colorbond®, in fact, is the default choice for so many different types of construction in Australia. People just know that Colorbond® will do whatever job they need done, so that’s what they use.

Colorbond® Advantages – A History of Success

Colorbond® was first made in Australia in the mid-1960s. This was the real Boom of the Baby Boom era, in construction. The timing couldn’t have been better. The first thing people noticed about Colorbond® was that it looked very good. It made great roofing, replacing the old galvanised roofs which covered most of Australia since the 19th century.

The next thing people realised was that it was also cheaper, as well as being a far superior product. “Tin Roof Country” turned in to “Colorbond® Country”, fast. Few if any building products have ever made such a deep market penetration and made it so quickly.

The big advantages of Colorbond® became obvious almost immediately:

  • Great for Australian conditions: The Australian climate, dust, and heat can literally destroy inferior quality products, very quickly. The old-style galvanised iron was sort of OK, to a point. But it was nowhere near as good as Colorbond® in terms of very long, low maintenance, product life. (The modern type of galvanised iron is usually coated and is basically very different in many ways. There are many different “species” of this type of material these days.)
  • Good colour choices: With the old types of metal building products, and roofing, you had a choice of one colour. Colorbond® delivers an entire spectrum of colours. That was a great improvement, instantly appreciated by builders, home owners, and designers. Anywhere you go in Australia, you’ll see what looks like an infinite variety of Colorbond® products, in a truly vast range of colours.
  • Good looks and style: Colorbond® is a very versatile product. It’s designed to look good, and match design colour schemes. Just browse through any range of Colorbond® products, and you’ll notice a lot of options for presentation styles. (In the old days, to say that metal buildings were a bit dull-looking would have been a serious understatement. Colorbond® really was a drastic improvement.)
  • Value: Since the nanosecond in which Australians discovered that Colorbond® was also friendly to their hip pockets, it’s been super-popular. Aussies can’t get enough of Colorbond® in all its forms, from Colorbond® roofing to Colorbond® garden beds.


Ask Queensland Sheet Metal about Colorbond®

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