Sheet metal is an amazing building material that continues to grow in popularity and usage all across Queensland and all of Australia. It has so many advantages over more traditional roofing materials – such as ceramic tiles – that choosing a sheet metal roof has become a no-brainer.

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding on the best material for your roof, including:

  • Longevity; how long will the roof last? How resistant is the material to natural disasters – from wildfires to hurricanes?
  • Weight – will your roof framing support the weight of the roof?
  • Time – are you constrained for time?
  • Maintenance – will the roof be easy to maintain, is it suitable for the local weather conditions? Will the style last?
  • Eco-friendly – are the products easy to be recycled?
  • Is the roofing type allowed by local building codes? Are there colour restrictions in place?
  • How much will it cost

Here are five great advantages for choosing sheet metal

1.  Weight

Tiles of every variety are heavy; so heavy infact that they require a special, reinforced sub-structure just to handle the extra weight.
Ceramic tiles weigh nearly 350 kilograms per 10 metres squared. Concrete tiles are even heavier, weighing in at 450 kilograms. Compare that to metal roofing, where most varieties weigh in the range of 20 to 60 kilograms in an equal area – saving you money on additional support structures.

2.  Quick Installation

The very nature of metal roofing having been pre-crafted into sheets means that installing it on the roof of your home, or replacing damaged sheets, is quick and painless. The fasteners that hold it in place are easy to secure. The design of the metal roofing is intentionally modular, so that a single sheet can be removed without much hassle or effort – a critical advantage in storm season where a single day could make the difference between a wet or dry home!

3.  Maintenance and Durability

Right along with the ease of installation, sheet metal is also simple to maintain. A damaged metal sheet is faster to replace than a series of broken tiles, but it is more than that. The main reason that sheet metal is so easy to maintain lies in its longevity and durability.
One of the most durable options available, Sheet metal has an expected lifespan of 30-50 years and a Class A fire rating (the most resistant).
Sheet metal is chemically treated to resist erosion and aging from the rain, sun, and wind, and is naturally impenetrable by rain, making it ideal for the Australian climate.

4.  Colour Variety

Sheet metal is powder coated with Colorbond® paint, insulating it from the elements and giving it colour. The Colorbond® palette has a massive range of colours to complement any home design or exterior. In addition, the wide selection of colours available also meets many of the Australian heritage requirements. If your home is in a heritage neighbourhood, you can be confident that your sheet metal roofing will comply with the local council’s requirements.

5.  Cost

One of the main misconceptions about sheet metal roofing is that it is expensive. Sheet metal is easier to produce, easier to transport, easier to install, and lasts longer. All of those factors boil down to the bottom line of massive cost savings. You will not only save on up-front costs for installation, but you’ll save year after year in reduced maintenance and repair costs.
Each year, greater advances in durability and design make sheet metal the ideal choice for every Brisbane home. For the premier provider in sheet metal, contact Queensland Sheet Metal