A carport is a cost effective alternative to a full garage and offers great flexibility for expansion at a low cost. In addition, a carport is much more versatile as a structure than a traditional garage; opening your home to the outdoors with a space which can be enjoyed in any weather and for much more than storage – entertaining, work, temporary storage, and much more.

Designing a new carport is also an easy task. The questions below are designed to help you consider each aspect of the carport project planning prior to engaging a builder or starting the project yourself as a DIY.

We make it easy at Queensland Sheet metal; giving the option of singular parts and custom or ready-to-go kits, and we sell both to trades people, and to the public – contact us today for a quote!

Freestanding single carport

Essential Requirements

The first step to designing your carport is to understand all of the needs and requirements of your new carport. How many vehicles will your carport cover? Will there be motorcycles, jet skis, or boats beneath the shelter? Other considerations for your new carport also include additional storage you might need, such as adding  a single wall filled with cabinets and cupboards for tools, outdoor gear, and more.


With the essential requirements now accounted for, you can begin to plan for size. When planning for each vehicle, make sure to allow adequate space for opening doors and boots, to ensure easy access. You do not want to squeeze in and out of your cars. Children may not have the presence of mind to keep the door from swinging open into an adjacent vehicle, so plan for extra space.


We provide custom kits for both Carports and Patios including posts and accessories.   While there are a few options for materials in the market, we use and recommend SpanMax for both patio sheets and clip beams – a material designed specifically for patios and carports allowing for longevity and sophistication.

With the best materials at hand, all there is for you to do is decide on the optimum height, length and colour.


With your plan firmly in place, it is time to start talking to installers. Make sure that you keep an open mind when you speak to your installers; they have hands on experience that can positively impact the plan for your carport.

Be sure to check their credentials and ask to see previous work before you make any decisions.

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