20 09, 2017

Beautiful, Safe and Functional Roofs – a Review

September 20th, 2017|Categories: Articles, Roofing|

Modern roofing, particularly metal roofing, has come a long way from the designs and architectural norms of the past. Supported by better roofing materials and innovative CAD technology, new roofing designs are changing the face of the world.

The Beauty of New Roofing Styles and Designs

Let’s start with the beautiful

12 07, 2017

What are the Best Roofing Materials?

July 12th, 2017|Categories: Roofing|

If you’re looking at your choices for roofing materials, you may be surprised to learn that metal roofing is the new black on the market. New metal roofing is revolutionising building around the world and improving the cost factor as well.

This type of roofing has always been popular for

29 04, 2015

5 Essential Elements of Your Roof

April 29th, 2015|Categories: Home Exteriors, Roofing|

Understanding the components of your roof is very important if you have to hire a roofer to make repairs, or you are considering replacing it. Your roof is a vital aspect of your home; It is literally the armour that protects your family and your home’s contents from bad weather, harsh seasons, and more. You can divide your home into five different areas or elements by examining the function they play individually to the whole of the roof. Let’s examine each one and the role it fills. Read More