Every season brings with it its own aspects to consider. In this article, we will provide an overlook of the seasons and how to upkeep your home maintenance throughout.


Air conditioner

At the start of summer, give your air conditioner a test to make sure there are no issues. Hopefully, all it will need is a dusting, but if it needs repairs, call a repairman. The earlier, the better – repairmen tend to get booked out as the heat approaches.


Insects like ants, termites and spiders tend to resurface during the warmer months. Meet the issue head-on with an inspection, and then contacting a local pest-control service if necessary.


Repair the Roof

If your roof needs repairs, autumn is the time to do them. This can prevent leaks forming when the rain comes, so simply take preventative measures by getting your roof fixed first.


Don’t forget to turn off your sprinklers – you won’t need them when winter comes.


If you have an outside, non-heated pool, accept that the warmer months have passed. It is time to clean, close and secure your pool until spring and summer resurface.


Heating Systems

Ensure your insulation is working. If you walk around the house and think you feel an air leak, address it. You can fix the issue by initially placing clear tape over the leak and discussing insulation options with your local insulators.

You should also make sure that you are heating smartly. Are you using a gas heater when an electrical heater would save you money? Are you taking advantage of natural light?

Tighten and Check

Over winter and summer, locks loosen and change position. Check locks and deadbolts on doors and windows and handles, knobs and racks. If needed, replace.

Deep Clean your Bathroom

Remove mould on your tiles and showerhead to ensure that everything is sealed and holding up well.



A rainy winter passed, and now that spring has arrived, leaves and pollen are falling. It is important to clean your gutters during this time as they likely need it. If your gutters are damaged, now is the time to repair them.


Spring is the season to clear dead plants and exteriors from your house. If you aren’t careful, they can cause damage to your house through roots and surprising growing locations. While you do that, make sure that trees on your property do not interfere with electrical lines.

Damaged Windows

Winter can be harsh on windows. If necessary, replace any damaged window screens. If paint is chipping or if holes in the brick nearby are showing – look after your home and fix it.


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