You’d think that all you need to do to spot roof damage is to check for visible damage on the roof. It’s not.

Roof damage can be invisible and it can do serious damage to your home. In this article, we’re going to give you some indicators of roof damage that you may not have heard of before.

Exterior Damage

This is the relatively easy part of spotting roof damage but it’s by no means simple:

  • Roofing panels or tiles out of alignment: The risks of misaligned roofing panels can’t be overstated. If roof panels are out of alignment, there must be a gap somewhere, letting in water into your ceiling. Get a roofer to check it out ASAP while your ceiling is still intact. One heavy rainstorm could turn your home into an aquarium.
  • Discolouration: Any kind of discolouration relates to water, rust, or both. The discoloured area may have small gaps in it which need fixing. This may or may not be a significant problem, but don’t let it get worse because it can cost big money if it becomes a real issue.
  • Guttering: Guttering manages the water on your roof. Check your guttering thoroughly for any issues and replace damaged guttering immediately. Remove all debris from guttering regularly because it can clog your downpipes and cause chaos if the water leaks inside.
  • Downpipes: Run some water through your guttering into your downpipes. Does the water flow smoothly? Does it back up, pooling in the guttering? (If your downpipe runs into a drain, and you can’t see the outflow, listen for any gurgling and look for leaks. If you’re not sure, get a roofer to check.)

Interior Damage

The other type of roof damage is easier to spot inside than outside. If you’re thinking that doesn’t sound good, you’re right.

Any sign of leaks, wall, or ceiling discolouration or moisture build-up in the ceiling or walls means trouble.

  • Sagging or warped ceiling panels: You’ll need to get some help finding and fixing the source of the damage and do it fast. These issues can be dangerous because the water is close to your ceiling wiring.
  • Mildew or earthy smells inside: These leaks really are invisible and this smell is how you spot them. Check your downpipes or guttering for clogs that are letting water into your home and fix the problem immediately.
  • Rotting or warping/splitting timbers, laminates or other materials: Rotting, warped or split materials might be a plumbing issue. If it’s your roof, however, you’ve possibly got a serious problem. Check out these issues until you’re sure what the cause of the problem is and fix them as soon as possible.

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