In the old days, Australian roofs used one basic type of roofing, with very few exceptions: Corrugated iron roofs.

On farms, in mining towns and around the bush, there are still a few of these tough old roofs from generations past. This was the ultra-reliable, affordable, do-everything type of roofing.

Traditional and Modern Roofing Considerations

Times have certainly changed, but metal roofing is still around in many different forms. Metal roofing is still the preferred roofing for large roof areas and the new forms of roofing are very elegant indeed.

The traditional vs modern debate, interestingly, isn’t so much about a preference for styles so much as practical considerations. Modern metal roofing can deliver a very good traditional look. Even the true design purists will admit that the sheer flexibility and versatility of new metal roofing allows it to match the most traditional roofing styles to perfection.

The more contentious practical issues are:

  • The suitability of traditional styles for big modern homes: Featuring multi-roof buildings and the very latest designs, modern homes have roofing styles that weren’t even possible in the old days. This type of roofing may include multiple slopes, butterfly roofs, and skillion roofs. It’s hardly the “traditional” look in Australia.
  • The other side of the coin; modern roofing on traditional homes: Not everyone is comfortable with a modern roof design on a traditional home, like a Federation home or a Queenslander. Putting a multi-faced Swiss chalet roof on a Queenslander isn’t anyone’s idea of good taste or even good building in cyclone zones. Even the modernists respect the practicality of traditional roofing in these settings.

The Solution? Enter the New Queenslander Designs

If you’re getting the impression the traditional vs modern debate is far from being resolved, you’re right. Intriguingly enough, the famous Queenslander, in its new incarnation as a modern home, is showing the way.

The New Queenslanders feature a very practical roofing style with a versatile architectural design. They are large, spacious and well laid-out, combining basic roof design with multiple roof faces and upper storey options.

Queenslanders create a lot of flexible space in their interiors, and more importantly, they let you keep the overall traditional architectural look while incorporating second storeys, spacious designs and a range of styles.

So – is the debate resolved? If so, it may have been resolved unintentionally, by design necessities, but it undeniably looks incredible. Check out the new Queenslanders and see what you think. Expect to be dazzled.

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