If you have a talent for metalworking, then you can create your very own high fashion home decor.  Everything from basic functional pieces to beautiful works of art is being made with metal. All you need is good quality sheet metal and you can let your imagination run wild.

Creative Projects

Here are a few of the most popular creative projects than you can create with sheet metal:

  • Life boards: A life board is a piece of sheet metal that’s used as a display for anything and everything. From the kids’ pictures to fabulous photos and entertaining items, the life board is a very cheap way to have a lot of fun. All you need is a solid piece of sheet metal, with or without a frame, and you can use magnets to put anything on your life board. If your board is not framed, ensure the edges have safety folds or are well out of children’s reach to prevent an injury.
  • Metal flowers: A little bit of steel can be used to create truly astonishing artificial floral displays. Anything from roses to cut out daisies and even intricate floral patterns is possible. Browse “metal flowers” online and be prepared for a truly astonishing experience and a lot of creative inspiration.
  • Herb boards: A very interesting and practical idea for the kitchen, herb boards reinvent the way you store your salt, pepper, and oregano. Simply use magnetic holders to attach containers full of herbs to a metal sheet. It creates an attractive display and it’s very useful for cooks who don’t want to spend hours rummaging around trying to find their ingredients.
  • Garden ornaments: This is one of the most popular uses of sheet metal. From metal birds to metal patinas on boards with fabulous colours, people are creating their own virtual outdoor art galleries with designs like these.
  • Christmas decorations: You can make Christmas trees, reindeer, Santa faces, and just about any kind of Christmas motif, including the famous Colorbond® steel animals. Your metal decorations will last for years and you can have tremendous fun with the designs.

Choosing Your Metal

As experienced metalworkers know, it’s best to source new Colorbond® steel sheet metal rather than “bits and pieces”. The new steel won’t have any fractures, flaws, or stressed areas that you need to cut and shape.  Using new sheet metal also means that you know that you’ll have enough material to finish the job.

Safety and Caring for Your Metal Masterpieces

If you have young kids, make sure that they don’t go anywhere near recently cut sharp metal edges or steel shavings.

To take care of your metal pieces, make sure you give them a quick wipe over every once in a while. This prevents accumulation of dust, which can also carry moisture and result in surface scratches.

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