Australia has a truly large range of different roof styles for different types of housing, encompassing classical and Federation to modern and Victorian-era roofing.

We’re going to take a look at the different roofing styles and explain the differences and advantages of each style.

The five roof styles

Below are Australia’s five most well-known styles of roof:

  1. Hipped roofs: A hipped roof has 3 or more planes/angles in the roof structure. These are good all-weather, all-environments roofs, often with large eaves / soffits and excellent all-round protection for the home from the elements. Hipped roofs offer strength and are particularly efficient in high wind areas, like coastal zones, so they’re naturally popular in Australia’s coastal cities.
  2. Gabled roofs: A gable has two roof planes with a centre ridge line and is known as a pitched or peaked roof. It is recognised for its traditional triangular shape and is a simple, cost effective roofline. The triangular shape offers considerable interior space, and is often used for attics and storage. Gabled roofs are famous for their elegance and stylish look, and are very popular in upmarket and traditional older homes.
  3. Flat roofs: These roofs are as the name suggests flat and generally low pitched. It is modern styles which is very economical, minimising roof size, and are often used for apartment blocks or other high rise / commercial buildings. This type of roofing is typically made from metal, commonly used on patios and a variety of other architectural applications.
  4. Skillion roofs: Consisting of a flat surface, this type of roof is pitched on a noticeable angle, which may vary from a slight slant to a high degree of pitch. Skillion roofs have much the same advantages as flat roofs, with additional design and practical values for home exterior style.
  5. Curved roofs: As the name states these roofs are curved and provide a softer, rounder appearance. They are also made from a thicker base metal which increases their cost. Quite often you will find curved roofs in coastal areas and in new developments.

Which roofing style is right for you? Evaluating roofing styles

If you’re looking at a new roof or roof replacement, these are the major considerations

  • Where you live and climate: All roof styles can be used in different areas as long as they meet the Australian standards. The Australian standards have different requirements for metal roofing in inland areas compared to coastal areas.
  • The look: You can choose any style according to your preferences. Modern roofing allows a lot of design choices, so take your time to consider how a new style would look on your home.

Cost: Colorbond® steel roofing is very popular and  is surprisingly cheap compared to other types of roofing. It is highly adaptable to style and location needs, and can be cut to length to suit your requirements.

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