23 07, 2015

Five Great Sheet Metal Additions to Your Home

July 23rd, 2015|Categories: DIY Projects, Gardening, Home Exteriors|

Queenslanders are well aware of the many advantages provided by sheet metal when used for roofing. It’s affordable, durable and available in a variety of configurations, fabrication and colours making this material an excellent choice for urban homes and rural properties. To limit sheet metal to the obvious application of roofing is selling this flexible product short. With a little creative thinking, there are many unique ways to use sheet metal in and around the home. Here are just 5 examples of how to use this versatile and fundamental metal product.

12 01, 2015

5 DIY Home Renovations with Standout Value

January 12th, 2015|Categories: Carport, DIY Projects, Home Exteriors, Interior Design, Patio|

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home renovation projects are a very popular way to add function and value to your home. Whether refreshing your home’s look or getting out the tools to build something new, a DIY project is fun and rewarding. With the proper planning and research, a DIY endeavour can be quick and easy, too. Here are five DIY home renovation projects that you can start planning today. Read More