Queensland Sheet Metal offers polycarbonate sheeting for use in a variety of residential or commercial building projects. Polycarbonate is an advanced plastic construct that is resistant to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and 250 times more impact-resistant than standard glass.

But it doesn’t stop there. Polycarbonate sheeting provides a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Resistance to heat, cold, water damage and breaking
  • Low weight but high durability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Clear, translucent and opaque options
  • A wide variety of attractive colours

It’s clear that polycarbonate has a lot to offer in construction. But how can these benefits best be utilised by Queensland homeowners and business owners?

Here are just five installation examples that can best exploit the advantages offered by polycarbonate sheeting.

1.  Sunlight Protection for Shops and Cafés

Residents and shop owners in Brisbane know the reality of intense sunlight, especially during the scorching summer months. Polycarbonate sheeting allows customers to enjoy the atmosphere of an open-air café without risking overexposure to damaging UV rays.

Polycarbonate blocks 99.9% of incoming UV sunlight, and an opaque or translucent covering allows shop owners to give their customers plenty of shade while still fitting their shopfront with an attractive furnishing.

2.  Durable Fencing and Barriers

The versatility and durability of polycarbonate sheeting make it an excellent choice for outdoor projects like fencing or other barriers for the yard. Australian homeowners can choose from a number of colours and styles to best complement their architecture while also trusting in the impact resistance that makes for a solid safety barrier.

For residents with an outdoor pool, polycarbonate sheets can create an excellent poolside barrier as well. A translucent or clear polycarbonate fence can provide a stylish addition to the pool deck while keeping children safe.

3.  Walls

Polycarbonate sheeting doesn’t have to be limited to simple fences, either. Consider using it for any number of construction projects, from outdoor sheds to larger buildings.

Thinking of building a glass wall for a better view from your office? A polycarbonate wall can provide the same overlook, as well as a far more durable barrier compared to most windows.

4.  Roofing

Polycarbonate sheets are also a great choice for many types of rooftop projects. With so many colour choices and styles available, customers can enjoy a versatile roofing option that complements any building.

Homeowners are looking for more shade or climate protection outdoors should consider using polycarbonate sheeting. They’re a boon for DIY projects like carports and patio deck roofing.

5.  Greenhouses and Nurseries

With so many advantages, polycarbonate sheets are the premier choice for building greenhouses and nurseries.  Translucent polycarbonate has a tougher exterior than fragile glass, and its UV-resistant properties will protect anyone working inside from the intense sun.

These five projects are just a small selection of the numerous options available. Contact Queensland Sheet Metal for more information on what polycarbonate can do for your next project.