Commercial and industrial roofs are larger than the roofs of homes, and they do a lot more than protect the building underneath. In Australia’s harsh climate, the type of roofing material you use is important, especially in our hot summers.

Commercial properties include schools, shopping centres, hospitals and other government buildings where many people gather, so the roofing material needs to help with temperature control. Industrial buildings can include warehouses, factories, farms and workshops where temperature is also an issue if the wrong roofing materials are used.

Modern Metal Roofing

You might be surprised to learn that metal roofing is superior when it comes to strength, durability, versatility and price, although if you look around, you’ll realise that many commercial and industrial buildings already enjoy the benefits of metal roofing.

Durable and Versatile

Metal roofing is strong and durable and lasts for many decades with very little maintenance needed. It’s lightweight and easy and fast to install, meaning minimum downtime and inconvenience. Its design flexibility and colour range make it the perfect roofing material for commercial and industrial buildings, and Colorbond steel has excellent resistance to peeling, chipping and cracking, even under the harshest weather conditions.

No matter what shaped roof you have, metal roofing can be custom made to fit exactly, and you can choose the right colour to complement the building.

Superior Insulating Properties

Although it sounds contradictory, metal roofing has superior insulating properties to keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer. Most roofing metal is coated to protect it from corrosion and increase its thermal efficiency. With the proper insulation, your roof will cut the cost of heating and cooling bills. Plus, by choosing a lighter colour, you’ll reflect as much as 66% of the sun’s heat.

Metal roofing also cools down much faster at night and doesn’t hold the heat like tiles or other roofing materials. It’s also suitable for very low-pitched roofs for even better temperature regulation over large areas.

Cost Effective Metal Roofing

Premium metal roofing may cost a little more initially, but it will last much longer, and you’ll save money on maintenance as well as heating and cooling costs. Colorbond is made from recycled materials and it’s especially made for our climate, so your roof will look better for longer. It’s also fireproofed and termite resistant for even more peace of mind.

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