Use Sheet Metal For A Converted Warehouse Look

The converted warehouse look is one of the most practical uses of space in modern commercial design, used by leading designers around the world. It’s a great look, and offers a lot of space. But what about décor, living spaces, and the practical cost issues in these larger spaces?

The solution, interestingly, is simple, cheap and effective – using sheet metal for interior décor and surfaces. This design approach is extremely practical, combining a range of great design options with low-maintenance materials in many different ways.

Today we’re going to explore the use of sheet metal in commercial environments, explaining why the converted warehouse look is perfect, both for design and for practicality.

A unique way to use sheet metal

The Converted Warehouse Look – a Practical Renovation

When it comes to cafes, bars and other commercial environments, practicality and safety are just as important as aesthetics. This is one of the reasons that sheet metal and the converted warehouse look has been able to thrive.

The metal surfaces in cafes and bars are often high usage areas – like bars, tables and island benches. Adopting the metal look means these surfaces are easy to clean, and much more hygienic than woods, laminates and other materials that can become unsanitary with wear.

In a fast-moving world of constant service and food preparation, these values ensure that your design can be both clever and eye-catching.

Embracing Sheet Metal Design

When it comes to interior design and décor, sheet metal also thrives. With a bit of creativity, you can use sheet metal to create a strong visual element that draws your customers in. As a highly adaptable material, there’s also no real limit to sheet metal design possibilities.

Here are a few fantastic designs to consider:

  • Foyers reception areas and entrances can be dressed up beautifully with metal surfaces, and add very strong presentation values to any area.
  • Entertainment, retail and community spaces can use metal trim and design features for great local interior aesthetics.
  • Light coloured metals improve lighting by reflecting light, which can in turn be used to create pleasant interior lighting environments.
  • Metal fascia are also often used in residential developments as exterior and interior design features. These facings may use plain or coloured steel as design motifs.

Metal Designs and Costs – a Pleasant Surprise for the Budget

Another less obvious but very important factor in the choice of sheet metal interior designs is cost. Sheet metal can be cut to any scale, for any kind of interior, and costs are surprisingly low. Those truly fabulous interiors with lots of metal you see everywhere are a result of good budgeting, as much as good design.

There’s a good reason for that – professional interior designers think as much with their spreadsheets, as with their sense of design. Sheet metal interiors are always a better cost option compared to alternative materials, particularly in larger spaces. If you’re looking at sheet metal design features for your space, your budget will thank you in real dollar terms.

If you’re thinking of using sheet metal designs in your space, and want that authentic modern steel interior design look in the Brisbane metro area, talk our team. Come and visit Queensland Sheet Metal or explore our range online.

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