Queenslander Roofing And Walling Accessories

When it comes to graceful, stately and elegant architecture, you can’t go past Queenslander homes. Originally created to accommodate new settlers to their tropical climate during the colonial era, Queenslander architecture was known for two things – practicality and style.

Practically speaking, all aspects of Queenslander homes – from the light timber frames to the large windows and sheet metal roofing – were designed to help residents be most comfortable in the harsh Queensland climate. Deep shaded verandas often wrapped around the home, allowing for outdoor living in the hot sun, while metal roofing was made to cope with torrential tropical downpours. The homes are usually raised to let cool air pass underneath them and to ward off flood damage should a tropical downpour take place.

Matching their practicality is the Queenslanders sense of style, with these home perfectly lending themselves to beautiful adornment. You would often find walls and roofs highly accessorised with ridge horns, gutter scrolls, tasteful gabling and weathervanes.

Many new Queenslander homes retain the original shape and structure of traditional federation era homes, but are not so heavily adorned. If you prefer the traditional elegance of the Queenslander design, there are a few simple and affordable additions you can make to your home.

Queenslander architecture

1.  Adorn the roof with ridge horns and gutter scrolls

In past eras, Queenslander homes could often be identified by their beautifully adorned roof. You can restore the federation look with colonial items such as ridge horns, gutter scrolls and acroterias that accentuate the contour of the roof. These accessories help to add height and depth to your roof and draw attention to the outdoor area as a main feature of the house. They look especially elegant on matching Colorbond roofing and guttering.

2.  Add character with weathervanes

Have you ever seen those rooster designs that are perched on top of rooves? These beauties are weathervanes, elegant additions that can be placed at the highest point of the roof to really draw attention to the height of the home. It makes for a grand design without being too grandiose. A rooster cut out of sheet metal is just the traditional weathervane design. If that country look doesn’t agree with your home, there are a range of other designs available too.

3.  Bring your outside space inside with decorative window panes

Do you want to make the most of your outdoor space from the comfort of your couch? If you do, you could take some inspiration from Queenslander design and some decorative window panes. Make your walls stand out by installing decorative panelling above the windows. Many roofing suppliers can help you custom design panels from sheet metal, or if you have an existing window pane to work with, you can create a DIY sheet metal project to lay over the existing panel. For inspiration, check out this gallery wall and see how the window panes perfectly frame the outdoor atmosphere that the display is emulating.

If you’re ready to start adorning your Queenslander home to get the federation look, call Queensland Sheet Metal on (07) 3267 1010 today. We specialise in colonial accessories, weathervanes, sheet metal and we can even help with your DIY projects. Talk to one of our friendly staff members online or in store today.